August is going to be sizzling HOT – and I’m not talking about the weather in the northern hemisphere!

Starting off right with Lee Joong Ki fighting the bad guys in Criminal Minds and Go Kyung Pyo as a motorcycle heartthrob (ok it’s a scooter and he’s a delivery driver – but still!) in his first leading role.

They’re going to be tough to beat but there are other guys who are jumping in with an effort to save their girls – from the wrong guy (Jaejoong), from dangerous extremism (Taecyeon), and from death itself (Minho).

If you wanna know more – like the names of the dramas these smexy guys are starring in, do watch the video and let me know, who are you most excited to see?

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

August Korean Dramas from the Video:
5. Somehow 18 – 어쩌다 18
4. Strongest Deliveryman – 최강 배달꾼
3. Save Me – 구해줘
2. Criminal Minds – 크리미널 마인드
1. Man-Hole: Feel So Good – 맨홀-이상한 나라의 필