It’s almost December and you know what that means.. a whole new crop of dramas! This month’s dramas seem to be taking on a more darker suspenseful vibe right in keeping with my feelings of the cold weather coming to the northern hemisphere. I hate the cold!

There’s a lot of mystery type dramas with the law drama Punch, the suspenseful Healer, and Seonam Girls High School Investigators. If there is a drama that is more directed towards teenage girls but that I think boys will watch it’s that one. Seriously, it stars a bunch of pretty girls in high school uniforms who solve mysteries. There’s also one titled Maids, which is a really weird title if you ask me, but it seems from the synopsis that it’s going to be a nice and quite interesting period drama. There’s also Valid Love for all of you who want a melodrama about weird age gap relationships, cheating spouses and fighting to get it all back.

Honestly, honestly, I have to admit, I’m actually not as excited about these as some of the others which have come out in recent months, but to me that’s okay.. that just means catching up on some that I’ve been way too busy to watch. Besides, with Hyun Bin, Jang Hyuk and Lee Seung Gi, January already looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!

5. Punch – 펀치
4. Healer – 힐러
3. Seonam Girls High School Investigators – 선암여고 탐정단
2. Valid Love – 일리있는 사랑
1. Maids – 하녀들

the bloopers

  • Jen Jen

    Stef!!!! You missed listing Pride and Prejudice for Best Drama…… its very good also as is Baek Jin Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk and the young supporting actor???? I cant remember his name sorry

    • hallyuback

      I also missed Birth of a Beauty too >.< Sorry bout that, nobody's perfect ^^

  • DreamingKoreanBallad

    honestly Bad Guys is probably going to be my Top choice for best drama of 2014 – it is absolutely spectacular 😉 and I Love Love Love Park Hae Jin ♥♥♥ and the rest of the cast is superb too 😉 I can’t help but love all of the so called “bad guys”.

    • hallyuback

      If you like it that much I might HAVE to check it out, when all this thesis stuff is finished that is 😀

      • DreamingKoreanBallad

        It’s extremely good, you’ll love it ;D So far I love every single “Bad Guy” with my bias on Park Hae Jin <3

  • Janine Brunner

    no Gapdong for best Drama or Lee Joon as best Actor (or am I blind o_O) :( you missed out a great one here .. neverless it´s not easy to decide loved to much Dramas this year XD

    • Gypsy Mourning

      ditto…i immediately searched the list for Gap-dong as well…and Lee Joon too. seems i couldn’t find My Lovable Girl and Rain either. thought maybe i missed out on some sort of nominee vote previous to this. oh well…i went ahead and voted the best out of what was available, but yeah…i surely would’ve loved to see those on the lists :)

    • yvonne

      I was looking for him on the list too. He was brilliant in Gapdong.

    • irilight

      Agreed totally. Lee Joon’s performance in Gap Dong was breath taking awesomeness.

  • Ceraselaaa

    You missed Birth of a Beauty … I love the actress … she is so pretty <3
    But it is ok , nobody's perfect and I really LOVE your videos , it really makes me happy when I see people doing what they love to do . Your optimistic attitude make my day better every time I watch your videos . Love you …
    HELLO from Romania . Guys , fighting !!!

  • Lina Daniel

    Love your videos!! Hope you guys continue to make them for a long time. Hallyuback 화이팅!!!!!!! =^ㅅ^=

    • hallyuback

      THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING US!!! That means so much, we really appreciate that Lina ^^

  • Mylene Belotindos Sabangan

    as for me my top 3 who came from the stars, fated to loved you and the recent one is high school love on..not just the story is amazing but also the actors and actresses who.played the characters..

  • Karen Shortell

    Oh Ji Ho is the most gorgeous man of any nationality. I can’t wait for this one.

  • Muna Almasri 무나

    what about bad guys and the cast of the drama ??

  • nicky

    Discovery of Romance, love Bang Sung Joon here! Hope he will have another project soon!

  • Arthea Emory

    …it hurts my heart to admit that there are only about 5 of these dramas I didn’t watch. I seriously need to get out more…BUT YAY FOR DRAMA WATCHING!!!

    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!

  • yvonne

    Where is Lee Joon Gi? He is one of the best actors in Korea. Thanks for including Misaeng on the list, it surprises me how a drama on everyday office life can be so compelling. it is one of the best dramas ever. Steph I do love your videos!

  • cecilia shiirakin

    I’m sad that “Pride and Prejudice” wasn’t on the list! It is still on air and it’s going to end in january 5th. I LOVE IT.

  • Lurdes Da Silva Novo

    I have a question. ..em Maids is this drama alredy out? And were can I watch it?

  • Veronica

    Pinocchio is really shaping up to be one of my fav dramas of 2014, alongside Fated To Love You (Korean ver.), Birth of a Beauty and Marriage Not Dating :)


  • irilight

    Also no Lee Jun-Ki for Best Actor? He was so good in Joseon Gunman. (which is still the top playing Kdrama in China for the year

    • Akemi

      Completely agree! LEE JOON GI IS THE BEST ACTOR of 2014! His GUNMAN in JOSEON is the most popular in CHINA right now. He is so passionate and skillful. He kisses so well. His action scenes are so marvelous!

  • Laura

    Where on earth is Lee Jun Ki? He is like one of the best actor :(

  • yuki-chan

    u missed out Three Days dear of my fave dramas..and Park Yoochun is so cool there

  • mary

    no nomination for Ji Chang Wook as best actor? I think he did an amazing job in Empress Ki….

  • Akemi

    LEE JOON GI IS THE MOST AMAZING ACTOR and one of the most handsome men in ASIA.