May has always been one of those months.. a month of anticipation and a sign for things to come. When I was in the school system as a student or as a teacher I was longing for summer vacation and even now I’m just looking forward to summer weather and being able to really garden!  One thing that’s going to certainly keep me focused on enjoying my May though is this month’s batch of Kdramas!

Yoon Si Yoon (of Flower Boy Next Door) is back from his military service.. and I have a good feeling we’ll be getting a lot of kdrama fan service from this guy in Mirror of the Witch.  Dear My Friends, while an older drama, might be one to watch to appreciate your moms and grandmothers this month.

If nothing else, then I definitely recommend Lucky Romance to watch this month.  Starring last year’s all star actress Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty), this one also stars Ryoo Joon Yeol (Reply 1988) and Lee Soo Hyuk (Scholar Who Walks the Night) for the smexy factor!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

Full New Korean Drama May 2016 List:
5. Another Miss Oh – 또 오해영
4. Mirror of the Witch – 마녀보감
3. Dear My Friends – 디어 마이 프렌즈
2. Beauty of the Beast – 야수의 미녀
1. Lucky Romance – 운빨로맨스

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