New Korean Dramas on the horizon look pretty good for the month of November!


It seems these days that every time I turn around, another new Korean web drama is planned, or another new drama with an idol or two will be airing. It’s insane how quickly things evolve in drama land, isn’t it?

I’m very much looking forward to several new dramas this month! First and foremost I’m especially excited for the web drama Secret Message. This one is a Korean/Japanese collaboration, which recently seems to be becoming less rare. That’s an amazing thing to think about! It stars T.O.P from BigBang and Ueno Juri who is one of my all time fav Japanese Actresses!

Another big drama set to air in November which I will be checking out is Oh My Venus. It stars two of Korea’s biggest actors So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah. I’m a big fan of both these actors! Shin Min Ah was especially lovely in the historical Korean drama Arang and the Magistrate back in 2012, and thinking about it, I can’t believe how long ago that was! Last time we all saw So Ji Sub in a leading role was opposite Gong Hyo Jin 2013’s Master’s Sun. Most of us loved that drama and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend giving it a shot!

Which dramas are you most looking forward to seeing in November? Let me know below!

Happy Drama Watching everyone! 😀

Full List from the Video:
5. Sweet Family – 달콤한 패밀리
4. Sweet Home, Sweet Honey – 우리집 꿀단지
3. Imagine Cat – 상상고양이
2. Secret Message – 시크릿 메세지
1. Oh My Venus – 오 마이 비너스

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