How lucky are we that New Korean Dramas come out every month! This means we’ll literally never run out of some of our favorite entertainment!

It does pose a bit of a challenge for us as well. How can we all find the time to keep up with the latest releases? Many of us work, some of us have school, homework or tests to study for, and a few of us have all of the above! Myself, well.. my heads spins a little bit thinking about making a Top 5 Friday video about Korean Dramas every single week! I have to have Korean Drama episodes playing in the background while I cook or accomplish other tasks just to keep up sometimes :)

And BTW, did you guys know: It’s been 4 years this month since we started Hallyu Back and making Top 5 Fridays officially. Does time fly or what?!

Anywho, I’m excited for this month even if it’s not the most high-powered set of Kdramas I’ve ever seen. Swan has been anticipated for some time now, so that will be fun to see how it turns out. Saimdang, Light’s Diary also piques my interest so I’ll definitely be checking that one out as well.

I also like knowing what all of you think! Which Korean Dramas in October will you be checking out first? Which ones are you not interested in? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

Full New Korean Dramas October 2016 List:
5. Something About 1% – 1%의 어떤 것
4. The Man Living in Our House – 우리집에 사는 남자
3. Swan – 스완
2. Saimdang, Light’s Diary – 사임당, 빛의 일기
1.This Week, My Wife Will Have an Affair – 이번 주, 아내가 바람을 핍니다

Korean Dramas Are Made For Who?

  • kristian lloyd gue

    My best pick is : MOONLIGHT DRAWN BY CLOUDS!

    I know CAFN is star-studded but for me, PARK BO GUM ALONE, SAPAT NA! Pak Ganern!
    Bogummie Fan here :)

  • Lady Oud

    Ths face is the face you can’t say NO!

  • Muna Almasri 무나

    i’m enjoying both but u can never go wrong with PARK BO GUM <3 <3 MOONLIGHT DRAWN BY CLOUDS u

    • Lady Oud

      Supeeeeeerrr! :)

  • Emy Rose

    i like both of the them but i prefer moonlight drawn by clouds

    • Lady Oud

      Yeheeeey! Moonlighters! :)