Today I’m counting down the Top 5 New Korean Dramas of 2018.. April Fools!

Every year, for what has now been the last 5 years I’ve made a list of dramas that I think SHOULD come out in the next year, hoping that somewhere the writers and casting directors of Korean dramaland will maybe take note and get some suggestions on what I feel that we all would like to see on our small screens. This year it just happened to perfectly co-inside with April Fool’s day – which has become quite the popular holiday in Korea over the years.  Even TWICE got into the action with a fake new MV.

Anyways, here are my mini-synopses prose that I would love to see become a reality.. call them HallyuBack fan-fics if you will.  Hope you enjoy them and let me know which one you think should be made into a real show!

5. The Architect
Starring Lee Joon Gi   Black Pink, Red Velvet, AOA, A Pink and Twice
The story of Wang Gyeon (future King Taejo and founder of Goryeo). Growing up in a wealthy merchant family under the rule of the corrupt Queen Jinseong, he saw a country fall into disarray when peasants revolted under a queen who was involved in bribery, and the rigid class system fell. At 23 he became a general to the future king, leading both land and naval campaigns and becoming known for his success, leadership and generosity eventually leading to him becoming prime minister and king/creator of Goryeo. But creating the ultimate kingdom and bringing peace isn’t easy – especially when you end up with 29 wives!

Choi Si Won plays a man who left Kpop and set out on a solo career where he could sing and make music from songs that come from his heart. Helping him along the way is his long time friend played by Sandara Park, an edgy model who loves playing bass guitar. Despite her career in fashion and beauty she’s always just been one of the guys,beg but is holding on to a dark secret that keeps her from falling in love.  A smexy melodrama about friendship, raw emotion, and how deep down we all just want someone who understands and gets us.

3. April Showers
Lee Jong Suk plays a young man achieves his family’s goal for him to attend a top Korean university.  After the first month of classes he walks out of the school building one day to find it raining and sees a beautiful girl (played by Kim Go Eun) open up a yellow umbrella and walk away. Suddenly the fog of education has lifted and he has a new mission – to find the girl he fell for at first sight.  But does love at first sight truly exist?  Slice of Life type story about a young man finding out who he really is, what he wants in life and love.

2. Bambino
Park Bo Gum learns how to cook amazing italian pasta in this drama also starring Park Shin Hye based on a manga about a guy from the countryside who dreams of becoming a top Italian chef and leaves home to work his way from the ground up, rekindling along the way his love for food and the people around him.

1. Bangtan Love
A reality type romantic-comedy “tourism” show where BTS members go on “dates” with one lucky girl at each of their tour stops and experience a bit of their country and local culture. The show also includes several “behind the scenes” episodes where we get up and close and learn new things about to our favorite members.

Which “Korean Drama” of 2018 are you most interested in having Kdrama producers make? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)