5. King of Dramas

The King of Dramas ended up going all the way through fall and into winter. It became more popular than I originally anticipated. It was all about the industry.. the drama industry that is. I guess people really want to know all about dramas and watch Choi Si Won. Why else would this one be popular.. I don’t know. Comments anyone? ☺

4. Full House Take 2

I did review this one, take a wee little peak at my review here. It was the most expected and fulfilling train wreck of the fall. Reusing the name ‘Full House’, good god, what were the writers thinking other than they might get some people to watch it? In and of itself, it wasn’t the worst drama of the year. But, the episodes were so short that it was easy to watch. It was so bad that it was entertaining to sit through the short episodes. I have to admit I watched the whole thing when I had spare time here and there, it was too easy not too. And sometimes you just want to watch a train heck play out.

3. Jeon Woo Chi

Jeon Woo Chi continued the super natural saegook and while Lee Min Ho wasn’t in it, drama watchers seemed to be entertained and intrigued enough to keep it going. I didn’t watch it myself, but I read some good reviews of it.

2. Ohlala Couple

This one I think was my biggest disappointment for fall. I decided to include it in this review because I saw it on a lot of live television around doctors offices. I happened to be getting physical therapy on my foot which I had broken over the summer, and thought it looked really appealing and funny. On live TV here, however, there are no subtitles at all so I was just looking at images and wondering what was going on. For a few episodes of the actual subtitled version I was enthralled and glued, but it didn’t keep me. It just fizzled.

1. Missing You

This is a drama that started graphically strong, and slowly killed itself. It wasn’t an instantaneous fizzle like some other dramas, but what started off as an OMG this is the greatest effing drama of the year that I have seen in a long time slowly turned into being boring. That was so disappointing to me. I know they are great actors, and while I;m sure it finished strong, I didn’t finish watching it. Shhhhh, don’t tell a soul! It’ll be our little secret. But the beginning was effing amazing! Craziest first couple of episodes to a melodrama I have ever seen.