Hey guys! While some of you may be like me and totally immersed in W, you may not realize that a whole slew of new dramas are coming out!

Actually to be honest, there are a ton of really great looking dramas happening here in the VERY END of August (why do you do that to me kdramaland???) But it’s just compiled on what looks like some fun dramas next month.

Three that I’m quite looking forward to checking out personally are Drinking Solo (because who doesn’t like 20-30 somethings figuring life out – and Shinee’s Key?), Shopping King Louie (I love Seo In Guk but didn’t like the police drama 38 task force), and The K2.

Who am I kidding, I REALLY want to see The K2.  While I don’t absolutely love Yoona as an actress, she’s more talented than some other female idol actresses.. and I’ve missed Ji Chang Wook. I would much rather have an action packed drama with both Ji Chang Wook and Lee Jong Suk in it (Oroboros remake??? Kdramaland make it happen juseyo!) But I feel like he needs a good strong drama and this is going to be it!

Which Korean Dramas are YOU most looking forward to in September and why? Drop a note in the comments!

Happy Drama Watching everyone!! :)

Full List from the Video:
5. Shopping King Louis – 쇼핑왕 루이
4. Drinking Solo – 혼술남녀
3. Fantastic – 판타스틱
2. On the Way to the Airport – 공항 가는 길
1. The K2 – 더 케이투

Hilarious Extra Bits!