My love for this particular biscuit began way, WAAAAYYYYY back when I was a university student. When I first started watching anime, I noticed they were eating this strange food called ‘Pocky’ that they would eat whenever they were studying or just hanging out.

One fine day I found myself in Walmart looking for some study munchies. I walked down the Asian isle pushing my cart in order to see what awesome instant noodle dishes I could find (because newsflash: that’s what college kids live off of when they don’t regularly eat in the cafeteria). I stumbled upon this familiar red package that I had seen in the Animes! On a whim, I decided to buy it.

I headed back home to study, eat some ramen, and turn on some late night anime. I pulled out the Pocky, began to eat it, and instantaneously I fell in love. The thing is I’m not a bug chocolate person. But, there was just the right amount of chocolate per bite in each of these sticks that made this a heavenly treat. The easy stick style while eaten simultaneously while seeing it on screen just made me feel connected with this world that I had so dreamed about. It became my study snack.

The first night I had moved to Korea I ate at a convenient store. One thing that I discovered right then and there was Pepero. I was so excited, especially because it was about a third of the price. I stocked up….. even though the convenient store wasn’t closing or anything. During my first couple of months in Korea, discovered the true importance of Pepero, and how in Korea they have a holiday for it, completely dedicated specifically to this snack. Kids have games they play I relation to the snack. It’s a whole phenomenon.

Blooper Reel was funny for this one: