I haven’t done a video about Rich Guy, Poor Girl dramas in the longest. I think the last time I did was THIS video where I made a countdown of my top 20 Kdramas of all time.


With such hugely popular dramas as Boys Over Flowers, Coffee Prince, Full House and Secret Garden it’s a big genre. It’s also quite the common reoccurring theme. And so, I thought I’d make a video showcasing the dramas of that genre that came out this year, in early 2015!

Another common theme you tend to see in the rich guy’s family is that at least one of the family members is a bit twisted. This year they seem to be taking it to a new level, if only to incorporate the psychological problem elements that seem to be all the rage for writers in Kdrama land. They also kind of show both sides so that while they seem evil, they also show that they are partially good. A good example of that is the dad in Kill Me, Heal Me. I’d say more but then I’d be spoiling it for any of those who haven’t seen it yet. In which case, get on that!

Some may argue that this isn’t really a rich guy, poor girl list. But you do have kidnappings, gangsters, parents dying and people making bad choices for money. If the girls aren’t poor enough for you then I’m sorry. The only reason they’re really not poor mostly is because they are strong women who’ve found a way to make themselves better. And on that note – I’m really starting to like these Rich Guy Poor Girl dramas that are coming out. I always enjoy female characters that aren’t the typical helpless damsel in distress. Here’s hoping the drama writers keep them coming!


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Full List from the Video:
5. Hyde Jekyll, Me – 하이드 지킬, 나
4. Kill Me, Heal Me – 킬미, 힐미
3. Fall in love with Soon Jung – 순정에 반하다
2. Run, Jang Mi – 달려라 장미
1. Heart to Heart – 하트 투 하트

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  • http://be-your-self-mia.tumblr.com/ Muna Almasri 무나

    ji sung was better well about heart to heart i didn’t like it as for my favourite rich guy/poor girl i cant think of any drama right now

  • Karen Shortell

    Ji Sung was given a much better script and more characters to act. I loved Hyun Bin toward the end of his drama though. I thought it got much better the last couple of episodes, and Hyun Bin did great with what was provided for him. I would love that star necklace. My very favorite Rich boy, poor girl drama was Lie to Me, but I loved a lot of the ones on your top 20 list.

  • Rin Gen

    Ji Sung was given more personalities all with their different quirks and he did them amazingly. Hyun Bin did amazing for what he was given but the 2 personalities didn’t give him much range to show off his stuff like Ji Sung got to do.

    • Manju

      Actually HyunBin was offered the role in KMHM. But he rejected it. It became a news that many actors rejected that role and JiSung took that as a challenge.