This was my first official show of ‘Top 5 Fridays.’ I had made two before this, in the US but both of those were in the form of TOADs where I just listed 5 dramas instead of one. To my delight, one of those two videos ‘Top 5 Korean Dramas of August 2012’, became way more popular than we had anticipated. At that point, however, this theme still wasn’t a planned weekly show. So, with this video, Top 5 Fridays was officially born.

With a new show on my hands, I thought this sort of theme would be fun and easy to do. Fun yes! Easy.. not so much.

Take this topic of Sexy Male Korean Actors. You would think that this topic would be uncomplicated. Just think of five really cute, sexy Korean actors. Simple right? Because actors are almost super human if you will. They are sexier than your typical average man, and, at least for Koreans, you have to base them almost entirely by the characters that they play alone. Screenwriters and directors want their actors to look as sexy and super human as possible. So, this first one was incredibly difficult. To narrow my list down to five: almost impossible.

Since this point in time (I made this video in September 2012 and I’m writing this in April 2013), my list has definitely changed! I have discovered a new found appreciation for certain particular actors. (Hello Lee Min Ho with long swooping hair! And Bang Sung Joon with your edgy rocker boy appeal!!!)

If I had to make this top 5 all over again, I don’t know who I would choose. But here are my Top 5 hottest and sexiest Korean male actors from that point in my life.

The List from the video:

5. Lee Jun Ki
4. Rain
3. Gong Yoo
2. Kim Hyun Joong
1. Jang Geun Suk