5. Alice in Wonder City

Young music students find themselves in the big city of Taipei. I was a bit surprised as Taiwanese dramas usually take the time and episodes they need to put out the story.

4. When Love Walked In

Calvin Chen rocks! I’m sure I’ve said this before.. and in this one he’s going back to his roots with a romantic princess style drama. I think this drama would actually be really great if it wasn’t for the horrible dubbing that’s out of sync.

3. Miss Rose

This one has got great ratings, and doesn’t have the same dubbing problem as some of the rest of them. The main actress is cute and sweet enough and the main lead is a bit of a misunderstood jerk. It’s not terrible but I’m not completely in love with it either.

2. Tiamo Chocolate

This is a Taiwanese spin on the Korean coffee prince – except with chocolate instead of coffee. Vanness Wu is a sexy chocolate shop owner – unfortunately this one is 80 episodes long, too long for a girl like me with places to go and people to see haha .. and studying now to do.

1. Fondant Garden

The son of a chaebol doesn’t want to inherit the family business, amd his cousin would gladly take it over but isn’t wanted. They both meet and fall in love with a talented pastry chef who competes pretending to be her best friend who’s the daughter of a pastry corporation that can’t bake. While there wasn’t a lot of depth, it was really cute and you couldn’t help but like it.

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