I love me some Taiwanese drama action, and I’m excited for this new crop of dramas coming out this spring.

5. Dandelion Love

This is a drama that begins on April 8th, 2013 and is 40 episodes long.  I’m excited to hopefully see this one (if I have time) and I like the main actor Dansong Tang a lot.  He was in Hana Kimi, They kiss Again, and rolling love which I’ve all seen.  I’m excited to see him as the main lead because most of the drama’s I’ve seen him in have been more of a supporting role.  Alice Tseng is an actress but I’ve never seen anything she’s in.  But, they’ve made her a lead so I’m looking forward to seeing if she can actually pull it off.  Also in the advertisements they wear plaid pants and I love plaid!

4. Bad Boys Diary

This is a drama that begins on March 20th, 2013 and is 20 episodes long.  The whole concept of this just seems awesome because you have the 3 guys and the 3 girls and it’s life at university.  Jenna Wang is in 3 dramas this year, including this one, Happy 300 Days, and Fabulous Boys.  Bryan Chang is a student at Ming Chuan University, which is the same university as some of my friends that live in Taiwan attend.  How cool!  He’s been in the business since 2006 but I don’t think he’s been in any super popular dramas up until this point. This one also has Lee Lia who was in Fondant Garden, and Harry Chang who you might have seen in Material Queen or Autumn’s Concerto.

3. True Love 365

This is a drama that begins on March 8th, 2013 and is 20 episodes long.  There are 4 (dare I say it?) good looking siblings, none of which are married.  Quite unusual around these parts if I do say so myself.  Joanna Tseng was in Ti amo chocolate and she used to be part of the music group ‘Sweeety.’   Bryant Chang was is a lot of what I would call B dramas, which are really popular with the non main stream crowd.  Some of the dramas he was in were ‘Love or Bread’ and ‘Tokyo Juliet’.  Queenie Tai is in this one, and you might have seen her in ‘Bullfighting’, a drama that I absolutely love.  Lene Lai stars here too, and in the past has done a lot of supporting roles in extremely popular dramas.  She is also really pretty.  There’s also Johnny Lu who was also in Fondant Garden.  I’m starting to see a pattern here.^^

2. Borrow Your Love

This is a drama that begins on March 3rd, 2013 and is 13 episodes long.  First off Dylan Kuo is super good looking.  I just want to make that known.^^  I first saw him in ‘Prince + Princess 2.’  He played the rich guy in that one and he tends to play a lot of these characters.  You know, the types that start out with the sour attitude that in the end tend to all work out.  He was also in ‘Knock Knock Loving You’ which I feel is another great drama.  Amanda Zhu is also a very good and strong actress.  She has played smaller roles in ‘My Queen’ and Autumn’s Concerto.  So, you can see what she has moved onto.  Her haircut in this one is not doing anything for her. But her acting ability certainly is.  And, this one seems like a fun story.

1. Happy 300 Days

This is a drama that begins on March 8th, 2013 and is 15 episodes long.  This one has the biggest named actors and actresses of all the dramas in this Top 5.  Tammy Chen has an extensive resume.  I haven’t seen a lot of the dramas that she has done, but she has been doing dramas since 2002.  Kingone Wang is one of my favorite Taiwanese actors.  He was in Meteor Garden 2, Mars, Devil Beside You, Why Why Love, Drunken to Love You, and Fondant Garden.  He never ends up with the girl.  But, he’s a very good actor and plays his roles very well.  Secretly, I’m actually hoping he gets the girl this time.

Happy Drama Watching!