Shortly after discovering Japanese dramas, I discovered Taiwanese dramas. For an undergraduate student in college in the U.S., I had a lot of free time on my hands. A lot of long weekends meant me cuddled up with my laptop on my day bed in my dorm room eating bread with Nutella and me watching Taiwanese dramas in marathon form. It was more sexy to me than Japanese dramas because they are the sexy dramas. They are far from pornographic, but there are still making out in the bed, simulated sex scenes.

I was in my twenties, and I felt like I could relate more to these dramas. Japanese dramas are more fantasy, or the life I wanted to have but didn’t, and Taiwanese dramas weren’t fluffy like some of the other ones. You had people actually kissing, and I actually liked to kiss boys.

But I also discovered these at a time when I thought that American television was completely overrated. Not to mention, the guys were attractive. They were relatively tall, they didn’t dress feminine, and still had great style. And though I knew nothing about Taiwan (or very little anyways..), there was definitely a point in time there where I thought that Taiwanese guys, or the guys in the dramas were some of the sexiest around.

So in any regard, these five are all a bit older, but they are my favorites. Some of these are responsible for getting me hook, line and sinker into the Asian drama world.

5. They Kiss Again
4. Bullfighting
3. Devil Beside You
2. Fated to Love You
1. Autumn’s Concerto

The Bloopers:

  • Dina White

    I just started “In Time With You.” It is my first TDrama. So far I am really liking it. The male lead is completely adorable and the female lead reminds me of me, before marriage and babies, LOL! I love the friendship between the leads. Definitely worth checking out in my opinion. Oh, and the female leads parents are hysterical!