When I initially started Hallyuback it was with the intention of sharing information and my love for Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean dramas on YouTube. By doing so I thought I could possibly more easily connect with and help others who have similar interests.


Little did I know just how popular Korean dramas would be and that they would eventually eclipse both Japanese and Taiwanese dramas on my channel.

That’s in part why I’m so excited for this video! Next week I’ll be back to Kdramas, but in the meantime here’s some hot and smexy kisses! Maybe you’ll just watch for entertainment… Or maybe so that you can find a new interesting drama to check out. Regardless, I hope you enjoy it!

Full List from the Video:
5. Aim High – “Ooops I Fell On Your Face Kiss”
4. The New World – “High Drama Kiss”
3. My Sunshine – “You Finally Went For It Kiss”
2. Someone Like You – “Beautiful Wedding Kiss”
1. Murphy’s Law of Love – “Never Ending Escalator Kiss”

the bloopers

  • Yan Bu

    oh my ghost! is just priceless.funny, funny,funny