Last weekend I was invited to see a Kpop concert/ fashion show. I was SUPER psyched to go since I had only been to one Kpop concert before. (Here’s a link if you wanna check it out. WARNING: I’d say we’ve improved since we made this video LOL)


The concert I went to was the SGC Super Live concert in Seoul (Ilsan/Kintex) which was a Kpop concert/fashion show/fund raising event and you had to get tickets in advance. The tickets actually corresponded to chair numbers, though I didn’t know that because I arrived a bit late, and by that time it was too dark and packed to see anything let alone my chair number.

First tip for the wise: arrive early.

It ended up being standing room only, and there was a lot of people in a very crowded space. It reminded me of some bigger festivals I had seen in university, except there was no way I was getting near the front.


To give you a brief run down of the line up: I got to see Boyfriend. They were really good, but you could tell they were also really young. And then there was Stellar, who were a classic Kpop girl group. A mix of sweet and sexy songs, although their super sexy outfits didn’t match the bubble gum pop songs. 100% gave it their all. They gave 100%, but they weren’t anything special, at least in my opinion.

After School came next. I was ultra excited to see them, but they looked like they could have cared less if they were on stage or not. And after that is when things started getting better.

Teen Top really put on a good show with great vocals. One song they actually just stood there and sang, and that was really good. After them was B.A.P which was kind of a very futuristic vibe. They have super fans and they were all waving these green-alien looking things. And then my camera died.. much to my great dismay.

Note to self: Do NOT go to a Kpop concert unless you have a complete 100% charged battery on cell phone.

Then I saw Girls Day. I knew and liked all their songs but they are still far from my favorite girls band.

And last but not least, I got to see 2pm. And OMG! Mind you their dancing wasn’t perfectly I sync, but their stage presence and energy electrified the audience. And I went a little “crazy” when they performed their new release, especially I had just watched it for the first time the night before.

Some tips. If you’re going to a Kpop concert:

1. Leave really early. The Kintex center is very far away from Seoul Station. I thought I was going to be there early. I got there very late.
2. Go to the bathroom early. You do not want to be going to the bathroom in the middle of the concert. And they are long concerts, or at least this one was.
3. Dress comfortably. You’re going to be on your feet. You’re going to be squished up against other people. And chances are likely it’s going to be pretty hot. So dress for it.
4. Don’t bring any extra baggage if possible. I ended up holding my purse the entire concert and that sucker was heavy, and by the end of the concert I was annoyed. Because all I really needed was my phone, and that bad boy was dead.

And on that note, bring something to document your concert experience with, because you’re probably going to have a blast!

PS- Sorry this week’s Top 5 Friday is not drama related, but I couldn’t resist fan-girling to Kpop this week. After all, a lot of Korean drama stars are also Kpop stars.

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