2012 was a big year for Yoo Seung Ho. And, for his age this little cuty has a ton of experience. Part of the reason I wanted to make a video about Yoo Seung Ho was because he was planning to join the military. He is going to be enlisted for at least 2 years, so if I was going to make anything, if had to be now. Most Korean men who enter the military end up coming out a different man. So, if this holds true for him, I’m expecting something along the lines of a stronger, more mature Mr. Yoo.

5. Operation Proposal as Kang Baek Ho

This was his first drama of 2012 and is quite a well done, romantic comedy played by a guy who is only 19 years old. It’s based off of a really popular Japanese drama named Operation Love. You got time travel elements and romance and weddings. And some smexy kisses which he carried off with finesse. Perfect for a gal like me.

4. Arang and the Magistrate as the Jade Emperor

Another 2012 drama, he played an eternal timeless god with a white streak in his hair. And despite the pink lipstick which made him look a little feminine, you could see why people of the Joseon era wanted to be good. He totally kicks ass in baduk. He’s the king of heaven, how many 19 year olds do any of us know that have played god of TV? I don’t even want to try and answer that question.

3. God of Study as Hwang Baek Hyun

He’s a high schooler playing a high schooler. 😀 This one kind of gives hope to Korean young people I think. He is a poor kid whose parents died and he lives with his grandma. He’s a terrible student, but somehow with the help of his super teacher he gets into a good university and is on the track to becoming a doctor.. which is really hard to do in Korea.

2. Warrior Baek Dong Soo as Yeo Woon

He gets to use swords and be evil in this one. He’s the best friend of the main guy Dong Su and he’s also his ultimate enemy. It’s Yoo Seung Ho as a evil character who pretends to be good. And with a baby face like his, doesn’t matter what type of character he’s playing, cuz he’s still adorable.

1. Missing You as Kang Hyung Joon

Missing You was one of the biggest dramas of the year. Yoo Seung Ho played one of the most sinister characters with the most ridiculous English name, and still somehow made it appealing. And PIMP! I thought he played the role convincingly well. I don’t think I know of any other actor in Korea his age who could have done it equally well. I thought he was great, and I still can’t believe he didn’t win any awards for his character.


Japanese drama named Operation Love.

with the most ridiculous English name