Clichés. Korean dramas are full of them. To those of us like me who’ve been watching them for years, there comes a point in time where they become an endearing part of drama watching that makes the show, for newbie watchers they may be confusing or even a frustrating part of drama watching. Although I admit, I still haven’t quite overcome quieting my subconscious desire to point out every time they plug an advertisement into a drama (one of the more frustrating clichés.) And so, I decided to start making a list of all the ones that I’ve seen in Korean dramas. Here is a list of 50 that I came up with. It’s amazing how so many of them you become numb to and they get overlooked in the process of dramathoning. No, I didn’t include all of them and there are still many more that I can think of but it’s a start.

Making a list with 50 things is pretty intimidating and I’m glad I had a list to work with. But I think I learned my lesson with my 50 things about me video and tried to make this one a bit shorter (and hopefully more interesting.) The location of this filming session was at a lake house where we have been staying with my husband’s family off of Seneca Lake. The scenery is gorgeous and there’s a lot of fantastic things to see and do (kayaking, hiking, wine tasting..) It’s been a super relaxing break, though all of this quiet is almost making me wish we were back in Korea and in the land of the fastest internet in the world. I know Richard is missing the wi-fi there. But, we’re having fun with our families and I’m taking time to sit on my butt and dramathon – and why not!

the bloopers:)

  • ladysaotome

    lol – I loved #26 & 31. Something I’ve been noticing a lot – no conversations over the phone. Phones are for the express purpose of arranging a meet up in a cafe, so you can talk for about 2 seconds, and then leave your unconsumed beverages on the table.

    I didn’t used to notice the product placement (aside from the phones) but I’ve been a lot more aware of it lately. Especially with I Hear Your Voice. I love the drama itself but there is too much screen time dedicated to tea bags that sit on top of cups & laundry detergent??

    Also, I love all your glasses – they are so cute. You seem to have so many. Are they all real (prescription)?

  • Guest

    Hmmm anthe the karaoke matter??? =)

  • Almia Ramos

    Hmmm and the karaoke matter??? =)

  • Arthea Emory


    Drunken Piggyback rides.

    Random U turns

    EVERY (even the poorest of the poor) HAS A CELL PHONE!!!

    …every poor girl has that not so poor friend that is obsessed with the Cinderella Syndrome, but never ends up with the rich guy.

    Just as someone walks around the corner, and you decide to go after them, you have to look both ways and do a complete 360 right before you see them get into a cab.

    No matter how big Seoul is (and honestly I don’t know) you can find someone you are looking for just by running around for 5 minutes.

    Taking the battery out of your phone is the ONLY way to avoid the phone calls of someone you don’t want to hear from. (the power button or the silent mode are just silly options)

  • AnCe

    how come i can’t watch the video?

  • AnCe

    –the rival guy is always the perfect guy (rich, nice, handsome, etc.) and the main lead guy is always the jerk (at first).
    –they always go to the karaoke

    –those who are hiding or sleeping in saunas gets caught
    –it’s either you’re adopted or switched
    –that “yellow umbrella”
    –first loves
    –make over or shopping scene where they try on clothes
    –that shocking moment when the bride tries on her gown (but i love it,always)
    –the mother-in-law always opposes the girl
    –meet up in hotels/coffee shops and leave without even ordering
    –throwing water to one’s face

    too many but that’s what made KDs unique…and i love it!

  • Poorna Shaji

    #1. The hero and heroine always has to get separated about near the end and then meet again in the end and then gets together. (I mean, they simply don’t get together and have a happy end, but always gets separated and then meets again. And this happens in a lot of dramas.)
    #2. No one drinks the ordered drink (probably something delicious looking thing) while meeting at a cafe, and leaves the drinks untouched.
    #3. The left-alone second lead guys – they are the best cliche that is in every drama. (I mean it’s not necessary that there is always a guy who likes the girl and don’t get the girl.)