Ji Chang Wook is a phenomenal actor.  A talented man, but due to his lack of idol status hasn’t had as much international fame as many other talented actor/musicians out there.


In fact, when I saw him in Empress Ki last year I wasn’t really aware of who he was, despite having seen him before.  Moreover, while a pivotal role in he drama, executed perfectly, I found myself basing my opinion of him on his character and not necessarily his acting abilities.  Perhaps you find yourself doing something similar when you watch dramas.. or not.  Maybe it’s just me.

He most recently starred in the Kdrama ‘Healer’ which while initially not a drama I was planning to watch, was suggested by multiple people that I give it a shot.  His character in that one was one that just may make this talented man finally a star to be reckoned with in the Kdrama world.  It was acted to perfection and he’d have a great chance at winning my heart for best Kdrama actor of spring 15 if it weren’t for Ji Sung playing soo many different roles in Kill Me, Heal Me.  But that’s another drama.

Ji Chang Wook is one of my new favorites and he should have been already there a long time ago.  If you haven’t checked this guy’s drama resume – it’s pretty fantastic.  If you already know him and saw him in Healer and are devastated and want to see more of him, here are a few of my suggestions!

Full list from the video:
6. Hero – 히어로
5. Five Fingers – 다섯 손가락
4. Smile, Dong Hae – 웃어라 동해야
3. Empress Ki – 기황후
2. Warrior Baek Dong Soo – 무사 백동수
1.     Healer – 힐러

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  • Candy White Andley

    You were a bit late with healermania healerfever and sovon.. Happy you gave a chance to my only love and you recognized his actor’s skills … I LOVE HIM!!!

    • hallyuback

      I WAS a bit late – but I’m now a huge fan and hope it gets its proper recognition at the end of the year!

  • mary

    steph, you made me so happy with this video :). I definitely vote for Healer, I think he did a very good job, action dramas really suit him. Also, he has amazing in Empress Ki, it was the only drama of more than 50 episodes that I watched. Great acting skills, hope to see a lot more of him soon :)

    • hallyuback

      Yay I’m glad! I hope to see more Ji Chang Wook dramas soon too!

  • Seungchannie

    Totally agree with you!!!! Love this drama “healer” soooo much!!!