Wow guys, we have almost made it through the entire year!!! And with that I’ve got a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for all you Hallyu Back dramas fans out there: You get to decide on and vote for your favorite dramas of 2013!!!


Here is how it will work: For each of the three (3) ballot polls listed on this blog post, you get to cast up to 3 votes per country for favorite dramas of this year. In other words, you can vote for 3 dramas for Korea, 3 dramas for Japan, and also choose 3 dramas for Taiwan. You can only vote for each drama once. Polls are open until 11:59pm December 1st Korea time. Winners will be announced the first three weeks in December during my normal Top 5 Friday videos. Note that you can also cast your vote once in the comments below or in the comments section on YouTube, and I will begin tallying everything on Dec. 1st. Votes cast after December 1st will not be counted towards the final winners for each country.  Also beware: the voting program will collapse once you have casted your vote, so if you noticed that happened to you, your vote has been counted! :)


You guys, I’m excited to make these best of the year videos! Last year at the end of 2012 when we were still just getting started with Hallyu Back, the ‘Best of 2012’ videos from the 3 drama countries were simply my favorites, and only from the dramas I had watched. I seriously missed out on counting some fantastic dramas, like Moon Embracing the Sun and Reply 1997. I’m only one girl, so how many dramas can I actually watch myself? In doing it this way, where all you guys are in on selecting the best dramas of the year, it will be a much better representation of what the best dramas are. I make videos because I love it, but I also make them for you guys, the Hallyu Back fans. I couldn’t be here without you, so this best of month of December is for you!


The list from the video:

6. One Well Raised Daughter – 잘 키운 딸 하나

5. One Warm Word – 따뜻한 말 한마디

4. Can We Love – 사랑해도 될까요

3. Miss Korea – 미스코리아

2. You Who Came From The Stars – 별에서 온 그대

1. The Prime Minister And I – 총리와 나

And OMG guys, I can’t be the only one who is ready for winter break! With my classes finishing, this means I’ll have a whole lot more time to watch dramas. I have had a serious lack of time recently to watch dramas. It’s pretty pathetic, but that’s graduate school for you. 25 DAYS TIL MY NEXT MAJOR DRAMATHON! AHHHHHG….. so many good dramas to watch, I’m counting the days..

the bloopers:

  • Kelly Cheong

    I seriously can’t wait for this! I love the way you are letting us vote but I would love to hear your opinion too! Thank you so much for the videos and keep it up:D Wish you the best for the next year as well^^

    • hallyuback

      Thanks for your awesome support!! I couldn’t do it without all you guys! ^^

  • ladysaotome

    You forgot Tokyo Bandwagon from the jdrama list! This was a really good year for kdramas. I’ve been a bit disappointed with jdramas & Taiwanese dramas lately but Just You was the most adorable watch ever!

  • DanniStone

    Heirs is going to win because of LMH, not because it’s actually a great drama. It’s the most poorly written K-drama I’ve seen in a while. It’s entertaining because of the star power, but there’s very little plot, the same things happen for the first 10 episodes, and other than Chan Young, Bo Na, and Eun Sang’s mother, there aren’t really any likeable characters. It’s just such a shame because great dramas like “I Can Hear Your Voice”, “Good Doctor”, and “Master’s Sun” keep losing out since it becomes less about quality and more about LMH’s popularity. smh

    • Alisha Rose Merchant

      I soo agree with you, you should never judge a book by it’s cover. You get what I mean? I mean I do like LMH’s dramas, but seriously I Hear Your Voice made a spot in my heart that can never be replaced, at least not before i’m 50. ( I’m around age 10-20) Oh also I really do like Heirs’s characters acting but not the story.

    • mor yang

      OMG i agree that is so true i think “Master’s Sun” should be first place and “I Hear Your Voice” should be scond because they both have better story line then “Heirs”, Heirs is just winning because of all the actress in there. I was disappointed when i saw “I Hear Your Voice” third place when its such a good drama and was my favorite drama of the year:(

    • Halizah

      I do agree with you up to some extent. Honestly, i hated the fact that everyone wanted to watch Heirs just because LMH was in it. I started watching it, just to prove people how bad it is. But just to end up, falling in love with it SO MUCH. Honestly, it’s a great drama. I’d recommend it, even if the casting was different. However, i do believe drama’s like The Winter the wind blows and Master’s sun and also most definitely SECRETS, should win the title for it had a better story and definitely was an out of the box kind of drama. Ok bye :)

    • Viktorija Jemeljanova

      Oh gosh! I actually ticked those tree you mentioned! I loved them so, so much! ^_^ But yup, I agree -Heirs had a great cast. I had just finished watching City Hunter and this came a fresh with Lee Min Ho in it, wop! It’s a shame drama’s plot was like ‘meh’. -__-

  • Sunset Glow

    Ahhhh this year is a hard year! I LOVED Nine: Nine Times Travel (it wasn’t predictable and it was just so asdfghjk) and Cruel City. They were SO good, but I don’t think they’ll win because they’re kind of underrated. I also like I Can Hear Your Voice and Master’s Sun. Flower Boy Next Door was really good for the winter time because it was all cute and fuzzy. Reply 1994 is really good too. Ugh, it’s really hard to choose xD

  • ImSoMe

    The Master’s Sun hands down is the best drama of 2013. A very very close 2nd is I Can Hear Your Voice. The Heirs is good too, but it’s not even complete yet. For all we know it could have a weak ending… or the storyline could fall off.

  • Arsen Igityan

    I picked the dramas in poll, but I should say the drama which impressed me the MOST this year was “Saki”. Even the “femme-fatal” is not some new genre, but it was done so great, last time I was so intrigued when I was reading Ira Levin’s “Rosemary’s Baby”. You constantly have feeling that something’s gonna happen soon but you don’t know what exactly 😀

  • pei zhen qu

    Master’s Sun and That Winter the wind blows are the best 2013 dramas!!!!!!!!!!!! A close second is I hear Your voice…. these are my top three kdramas of 2013

  • Diyana Kovacheva

    I picked The master’s sun, I hear your voice and Gu family book, but because of the 3 dramas max rule I couldn’t pick Who are you T.T and that was one super cool drama (for me at least).
    As for The Heirs- love Kim Woo Bin’s acting skills and most of the other actors and actresses, but other than that it’s nothing special, just LMH’s popular face. And another thing- after the first few episodes even I felt offended from the depiction of the americans- and I’m not a american citizen at all. There are pros and cons for every country and nation, because there are no perfect things in this world. That made me concerned about how koreans who watch the drama will think about american society, and that if they think the depiction is true, they will misunderstood and continue to hold every american (and possibly other foreigners) visiting (or living) in Korea, to certain not so good stereotypes. And if you want your country to be more opened to other countries that’s not the best way to do so when you know that this drama will gain great amount of viewers.

  • Karen Shortell

    I am watching the Japanese drama Hakuba no Ojisama right now, and really love it. It is so different from most of the dramas I have watched so far. I am so sorry it is not on your list; I would give it all 3 of my votes if it were..

    • hallyuback

      I had a rough time selecting best Jdramas of 2013 and narrowing it down. I’m sorry I didn’t include Hakuba no Ojisama on the list, but I plan to check it out now that you mentioned it! So thanks!! ^^

  • Arthea Emory

    I don’t remember who I voted for, but it wasn’t anything that is still ongoing. As for the shows I definitely didn’t like. Nail Shop Paris. I watched all 10 episodes and felt cheated. How do you just throw in *trying not to have spoilers*? It just rubbed me the wrong way. Flower Boy Next Door. Ok, so you are trying to get a shut in out into the world. Did it really take all those episodes to do it? I LOVED Cruel City and Master’s Sun. Of course, as with all other Kim Nam GIl Dramas…Shark’s ending angered me. (Shark not on the list…) Maybe I’m in the wrong class because I’m liking Heirs. Yes, it’s a little repetitive, but what drama isn’t? (didn’t vote for Heirs though) I Hear Your Voice. My introduction to Lee Jong Suk…so pretty! Honestly…I’m infatuated with all Noona relationships being a woman in her 30’s myself. *KEEP HOPE ALIVE!* There were just a few on the list I hadn’t watched, but are on my watch list. So many dramas…only one me.

    • hallyuback

      I like the way you think! As for your take on Flower Boy Next Door: I couldn’t agree more! ^^

  • banal

    i am sorry but where do you make your live chats/
    can share a link on fb?

  • ☠✿ⓜⓐⓡⓒⓘⓐ✿☠

    My top 3 in no particular order: I Hear Your Voice, The Master’s Sun and Heirs. Some say the story line for Heirs is weak but give credit to LMH acting and the emotion he puts into his crying scenes. Those scenes alone will forever be my favourite. Left me with goosebumps and such sadness in my heart. No other drama has done that before except in Master’s Sun when Tae Kong-Sil cried at the hospital. Except now, in Heirs, that feeling has happened more than once…in one episode 😀

  • Ceraselaaa

    Where is I miss you !!!!:(((