In Korea, autumn is in full swing and everyone wants to stay inside and watch Asian dramas! Ok, maybe just me. Not really, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with friends of all ages about their favorite recent dramas: Heirs, Master’s Sun, Reply 1994 and Suspicious Housekeeper. And now that midterms are over, I can actually catch up on the ones that I’m currently watching. But that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to the dramas ahead and that’s what this week’s Top 5 is all about!


Basically there are 6 dramas that are going to be new in November. However, four of those are family serial dramas that will go on for 40+ episodes. That being said, there’s two that I can’t wait to watch but I didn’t think making a video about only two dramas would be right. I try to acknowledge the little guys as well.

The first of these dramas is Beautiful Man with Jang Geun Seok. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this guy as an actor and performer. He’s got serious presence and while he’s not my favorite in either category he’s got such a great package of a little bit of everything that I can’t help but put him super high on my list. Now his choice of doing this drama was a bit off-putting at first. Especially because then he went and put his foot in his mouth and claimed he was the most beautiful man in Asia. Uh.. yeah.. That almost actually killed my absurd amount of like for this guy.. But, he fixed it all when he donated 10 million won to charities to match the giving of his fans. Anytime celebrities actually give back I think that’s really admirable and it speaks of the goodness in their hearts. So JGS, I forgive you man. Perhaps you really are a beautiful man deep down and not just in the superficial. He’s also being joined by IU, who I’m a little surprised by right now. First, because she just released an album and I thought she would be focusing on her music. And secondly, because she’s promoting the ideas of unhealthy weight-loss. All that aside, she is cute and I think its got the potential to be a great pairing.

The drama that I put at my number one is a drama that totally caught me off-guard. I actually was finalizing my list for this week’s top 5 and messing around on my tumblr when I saw the trailers and posters for Empress Ki. OMG! This drama looks amazing. I think I’m especially excited because I really like Ha Ji Won as an actress and she’s my choice for queen of action roles – which this drama looks like it’s going to be. I can’t begin to say how excited I am.. but I’m also torn with wanting to watch Beautiful Man and keep watching the dramas that I currently am hooked on. Too many dramas, too few hours in the day.. The problems of an Asian drama fan!

the bloopers:

  • Leah Bonilla

    Cold or no cold, you are sooo good at what you do! I have to smile every time I see your vlogs! Also, where can I find your vlog on plastic surgery in Korea? Ever want ideas on topics to talk about? Like single motherhood, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ2, or mental illness to name a few?

    • hallyuback

      We always need new ideas for LIKE IT! ^^ Single motherhood could be interesting, and those are all good ones you mentioned. Here’s the link to the Plastic Surgery:

      And thank you for the compliments, I’ve been drinking hot tea now for nearly four days straight now!

  • Grace Montemayor Terrado

    Hi Unnie !! Ha Ji Won for the win . I love her :)) And you look good in your earings HAHAHA :)) gOOD DAY:))

    • hallyuback

      Aww thanks Grace! ^^ Even though JGS seems to be winning the poll, I knew Ha Ji Won would be popular too. I’m SOOO looking forward to her drama next month!

  • msMaria629

    JGS Beautiful Man, of course. We have been waiting too long for him to make another KDrama

  • Dangershoes

    JGS is awesome, of course, but it’s IU & JGS that’s got my interest :)

  • Keti Aptsiauri

    U are great and so funny!!! I love your videos <3

  • Deldry Piedrahita

    Beutiful man or pretty man its the same!!! hahahahahahaha the important is Jang Keun Suk!!!!

  • Mary

    Beatiful man , because Jang Keun Suk is the best actor in the world!!!

  • ♥Yessi♥(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ♥JKS

    beautiful man!! JKS is wonderful! I’m excited about this new drama

  • khyra

    beautiful man!!!

  • Patricia Sorongon-Yap

    Beautiful Man. I just finished watching this today and it was great, as always. The character he portrayed here is quite different than his other dramas, but still he did it very well. :)

  • faridah

    jks sure oppa we love soooooooo much
    sure beautiful man drama surrrrrrrre

  • teresa

    JGS of course…he is talent and a good actor:)I have seen the drama.His main character was for me very interesting and JGS did it very well!!!GOOD ACTING:)