It’s October Kdrama Time!!! I seriously couldn’t wait to make this video. While the actual video itself hasn’t been months in production, it was months ago that I first started anticipating these October dramas – it was March in fact when we all heard that Lee Min Ho was going to be making a drama and everything and anything that has to do with Heirs has been headline news within the drama community ever since. Finally, I’m going to get to see this drama!!!


But first, before I delve into all the gory details (it’s Friday the 13th, I gotta make some ridiculous terrible pun about it) it’s been one freaking heck of a crazy week for me here in SoKo! First off a small note about my school work. I will try to be bringing you drama reviews from time to time, but somehow I ended up taking this writing course where I’m going to be writing my Master’s thesis a year ahead of time. While that’s going to be great for next year, I’m kind of kicking myself right now because I really want to be focusing on Hallyu Back instead. So you can boo over the lack of regular drama reviews or cheer me on in my educational quests – I prefer the latter but I totally understand. That being said this week on top of the homework I had the out of this world awesome chance to collaborate with my friend ChoNunMigookSaram for a fashion review starring some of our favorite KPOP peoples!

And tomorrow I’m going to have dinner with one of my coolest Korean friends who is absolutely gorgeous and if all goes well we’re planning on doing some filming and showing you some of Seoul on the way. So basically this has been a really ridiculously busy and stressful week but also one of the coolest weeks we’ve had in Korea for a while. Which is why I’m so excited to post this drama preview/review countdown!!

While I’ll give you my list of 5, I want to tell you about a few of the dramas that I’m most excited about and why. The first one I’m really excited to see is Heirs. Heck, I already talked about this one in the beginning of this post. To be completely and totally brutally honest, I’m not a huge Lee Min Ho fan. *gasp! But seriously, while I suppose you could say that he is attractive looking and that he’s had some great roles, he has also played a lot of stupid or childish roles and hasn’t had a whole lot of chemistry with his co-stars. That being said, he’s also not had that many roles and the ones he’s had have made him extremely popular. So there has got to be something there that I’m missing. His co-star for this one Park Shin Hye is also one that’s not great for chemistry, though she does have strong acting abilities otherwise and is pretty to boot. I gotta say, if these kids rock this drama, then this one will go down in history. It’s seriously got the potential to knock Coffee Prince and Boys Over Flowers off their drama pedestals. Then again as I said before in the video, this one could also go down as one of the biggest overrated dramas to hit the Hallyu – Korean Wave. It literally could be a complete and utter gnarly wipe-out.

I’m also really excited to see Reply 1994 and Future Choice too. If you think about Korea historically, it’s only been in recent history that Korea has been a technological modern powerhouse that gives other countries a run for their money. Their neighbor to the North’s founding leader Kim Il Sung died, and the north was raising cain with talks of nuclear war and were in the beginning stages of a horrible famine. In South Korea bridge in Seoul collapsed, they made a pact with the USA and they celebrated Korea’s 600th birthday. That’s a conglomeration of information that I found searching the internet anyways. What I liked about Reply 1997 that makes me look forward to Reply 1994 is that it showed a slice of life look at the human aspect of it all and what it might be like to be alive in Korea in 1994.

As for future choice, I’m ecstatic to see Yoon Eun Hye. It’s really all that simple. I’m a huge fan of her as an actress, and though I struggled to like her in Missing You it wasn’t because of her acting per se, it was because the role that she had to play was so intense. Her acting was actually pretty damn spot on and that she seems to be eschewing the whole plastic surgery thing makes me respect and admire her more. So yes, I will be checking this drama out.

So that’s enough talk about all of that. Here’s a list of the Top 6 October Korean Dramas.
6. The Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong
5. Medical Top Team
4. Unemployment Benefit Romance
3. Future Choice / Mi-Rae’sChoice
2. Reply 1994
1. The Heirs / The One Who Wants To Wear The Crown, Bear The Crown – The Heirs

What one(s) will you be watching??

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  • Arthea Emory

    As much as I’m looking forward to seeing “Heirs” I’m kinda tired of seeing “Heirs”. I’m hoping it lives up to all this promotion. I’m more of a marathoner than a watcher…only because it bugs me to have to wait a week for another translation. But I’m more looking forward to all the shows I haven’t heard about. Which would include 2 – 6. Glad to see you’re home!

  • Dangershoes

    I’m excited to see Park Shin Hye in a new drama. She is… was one of my favorites. Since watching The Master’s Sun, Gong Hyo Jin is quickly stealing my Kdrama loving heart. :)

  • Deyda Garaycoa

    I hope Park Shim Hye will kiss in the Heirs drama just like she did in the last kiss of flower boy next door. I am expecting an spectacular kiss out of those 2. ……Fighting!!

  • RavenHaley

    Heirs is going to dominate the ratings and sadly Future’s Choice is going to be behind it. Heirs has the possibility of being over rated with all the hype going into the drama. Could be good or bad as it depends on the writing and acting. The writing team is known for some really good work. Gentleman’s Dignity was their last project but didn’t match up to Secret Garden or IMO City Hall.

    Now Yoon Eun Hye hasn’t picked a completed winner when it comes to dramas in the last few years. Sure Lie to Me was fun but don’t get me started on the second half of the series. I Miss You wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t great. It had many issues from A) To many darn episodes – A short 16 episode series would have gotten rid of the holes in the show. B) The young version was just prefect that when the adults came onto the screen the drama just didn’t know how to write the adults or most of the story. My Fair Lady was just bad … end of story.

    Yoon Eun Hye is a great actress but I am slowly wondering if I should give another one of her dramas a chance. So if the drama gods are listening … Please let Future’s Choice be a keeper with a great story, characters, acting and so on.

    On a side note, I am still hoping for Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Min Ho to finally do a drama together. That bit scene in Personal Taste give gave me a taste of what those two could do together as an on-screen couple. Drama Gods — Lets make this happen sometime soon.

  • Maju Ortega C.

    Heyyy do you know if Kim Bum is working in anything? I absolutely loved him in Boys Over Flowers! Im about to begin watching Padam Padam but I was wondering if there is something new :)

  • Leti

    I want to watch Unemployment Benefit Romance, because of Nam Goong Min. I’ve waiting for long time (since I can hear your voice) to see him again. I love him!!!

  • MysteryMel

    Heirs writer & director are one heck of team…. My fear, another iteration of BOF… lets see