I really like Taiwanese dramas. Prior to coming to Korea and immersing myself in Korean dramas and the like, there was a period in time when all I wanted to watch were Taiwanese dramas.


My absolute favorite dramas are Taiwanese dramas, and although I’ve been warming up quite a bit to Kdramas as of late, I can never forget my first true love.. besides Richard that is. Actually my first true love was Japanese dramas. Sorry TW Dramas. And Richard. ;p

One of the biggest problems with finding Taiwanese dramas now is the lack of available easy to find resources. When I first started watching dramas back in the day, I used a particular website that was named after a particular type of sushi that will remain nameless. They used to have a large selection of dramas for streaming. But now, they have not so much. Actually nothing. Zilch. Nada. Not in the drama world anyways.

Then I began using mysoju. I even made a video about this way back in the day. My soju was reliable, and had an immense, alphabetical list that was easy to navigate. But then mysoju got shutdown and I was sad pandas.

So now when I want to go look for Taiwanese drama information its actually quite difficult. Asian wiki, for example only gives information about Japanese and Korean dramas. And while there are some other sites that have information and streaming, usually you have to do some serious searching to find new dramas and make a list like I did for this video.

Furthermore, as many of you Taiwanese-loving drama fans already knows, Taiwan releases less dramas per year than Japan and Korea do. It should be easier to find them because of that, but since they don’t come out as often maybe there are fewer advertisements, and thus less people posting about them on the web. My speculation is this is one reason why they get overlooked.

One bright spot in all this is mydramalist.com. This is where I end up doing the brunt of my Taiwanese drama research. At least I am able to find what dramas are out or coming out so I can research them more in depth. I’m happy for MDL and for making things a bit easier in my life.

All you peeps reading this: Other than watching Top 5 Fridays, how do you find the dramas you want to watch? I’d love to hear your opinions on this! Let me know in the comments down below and lets see if we can get a little conversation started on this topic.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and watching our videos. You guys rock!! We sincerely appreciate all the support and wouldn’t be here without you guys. Happy Drama Watching everyone!!!!!

the list:

6. boys can fly – 刺蝟男孩

5. pursuit of happiness – 愛的生存之道

4. love family – 有愛一家人

3. the queen – 女王的誕生

2. Déjà vu – 回到愛以前

1. second life – 幸福選擇題

the bloopers:

  • Leti43

    I start to watch Deja vu (my first tw drama), and I cried lot!! So sad! I like so much the lead actor.

    • hallyuback

      Yes! Happy to hear this!!! ^^

  • Anusha Fernando

    I love Cyndi Wang. She looks good, her acting is believable and shes got good chemistry with her co-stars.. Jiro, Calvin, Nicholas and Mike He.. So I definitely want to give Second Life a try.. but am not able to find links with Eng subs.. :-(

    Btw, Ariel Lin, another of my fav TW actresses is acting in a period drama.. Have you given that a try Stef? If yes, how would you compare that with Empress Ki?

    Also, do you think that dramas with a high number of episodes, say 40 ( eg Smile you) or 70 (eg Love now) epis.. tend to thin out the storyline?

    • J. Sheng

      I’d like to watch Second Life too but I haven’t had any luck finding subs either and my Mandarin isn’t good enough to understand it 100% without subs.

      I think the large number of episodes can be daunting for drama viewers which is why TW dramas are not as popular. I’m just getting into TW dramas now and finished Inborn Pair (Zhen Ai Zhou Ma Fan) which I really enjoyed but it was 84 episodes… that’s like 4 seasons of most American shows.

  • J. Sheng

    Great video and blog – thanks! As someone just getting into TW dramas, I wish there were more sites/forums/resources for it as well. Right now, I usually go to Viki to watch and Drama Wiki for information but I wish there was more. I know this comment is late but had to post since I’d like to add to the discussion & search for more TW dramas. Jiao yo!