Now that I’ve started talking about Japanese dramas coming out in March, I can’t avoid the truth that my winter vacation is quickly coming to a close. While Richard and I stayed in Korea instead of traveling to Thailand, Cambodia or some other exotic locations like we have in the past, we still had a super productive and awesome winter that blows me away!


Unfortunately, March I have to admit doesn’t look to be the best most pivotal month for Korean Dramas or Japanese Dramas. Not that I’m surprised as people are usually really busy and it’s a lull before Amazing April. But movies on the other hand are looking kind of exciting!

I especially am uber psyched to see Kiki’s Delivery Service. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am a huge fan of Miyazaki’s films and Ghibli studios. As an anime and live action dorama lover who loves film that centers around female characters and is writing this blog with my own gray kitten sitting on my chest, I can’t wait to see this movie that incorporates a lot of my own loves!

So here’s my list of new Japanese Dramas coming out in March 2014:
6. Umoreru
5. Specialist 2
4. Housekeeper Saw!
3. All About My Destiny
2. Kindaichi Case Files Gate of Jail Private School Murders
1. Kiki’s Delivery Service

And, here are some of the things that happened in Hallyu Back this winter!

• We got to spend some serious time with and get to know our new Russian Blue kitten named Maki

• We did our first giveaway – which while it may not seem like a big deal, I thought pretty hard about what I wanted to be in the packages and who would win them.

• I attempted to daily vlog 4 days a week for the months of January and February and almost succeeded!

• We crossed over 30,000 subscribers, which is super exciting! I can’t thank you guyz enough!

• We met up with and collaborated with Mr.Popo TV to explore Korean snack foods and get his perspective on coming to Korea.

• We addressed some of our most difficult and controversial LIKE IT topics to date!

• We were on the radio with Arirang not once, but twice!

• We got a Post Office Box! It was seriously difficult to do, but now we have an address to give you guyz!

• We did some pretty major home appearance changes with a new bar and some serious rearranging. And we’re not done yet..

• We had a pretty cool Valentines Day thanks to MyKoreanHusband and Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

• We ate at some great restaurants and found a fantastic Korean BBQ place with meat that was so good it was like eating candy!

• I made some serious daily vlogs. Not kidding, it’s hard to keep up on daily vlogs and still try to live a normal life lol

• I did some grocery shopping on video and introduce you to some prices of groceries in Korea

• I added some new Korean styles (clothes) to my wardrobe and made a video of it!

• I tried to answer your questions and hopefully did lol

• And I watched a lot of dramas including:
o Reply 1994
o Beautiful Man
o Prime Minister and I
o Empress Ki
o Let’s Eat
o Emergency Couple
o You Who Came From the Stars
o Inspiring Generation
o I Hear Your Voice
o Love in Tokyo
o I Need Romance 3
o Shitsuren Chocolatier

Wow.. I didn’t even know how many dramas I watched over winter break (though to be honest I’m still watching a few).

Though vacation is almost over and (hopefully) my last year as a student looms ahead, there’s a lot of exciting new changes that are ahead. I can’t wait for the coming months and all of the cool things that are in the works!! To say that I’m bursting from excitement is an understatement. Like seriously guyz, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! More than ever before 2014 is looking to be an exceptionally fantastic life-changing year. And while I can’t divulge everything quite yet, I can give you a few clues into some of what’s in store, including this and this!!!!

Hehe.. Sorry if this post was a bit heavy on links but I think it’s always good to take the time to record all the good things that happened. It really helps you (or me at least) stay upbeat and working hard!