Have you guyz seen the titles and themes of a few of these dramas that Japan is releasing this month? In terms of drama land, I cannot think of any dramas that are more racier than these. I’m indeed curious to see how this all plays out.


For someone who fell in love with Japanese anime first and foremost, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Can’t fault the Japanese for being original. Japanese dramas sometimes have a tendency to push boundaries, and Japanese entertainment in general. That’s the reason why you see other YouTubers, like the Fine Brothers doing reactions to Japanese commercials. You don’t see them reacting to Korean, or Taiwan or even American commercials. This is because Japan takes it to the edge.

There are two dramas specifically that I’m referring to. One is called Magical Boy Cherry’s. As far as I can tell, this one is playing off of idealistic Johnny’s entertainment guy. That is, a super attractive guy who will be your knight in shinning armor, and in this case literally super hero. But without all the drama that comes with being in a physical relationship. Namely the sex. For if any of these ‘superheros’ lose their virginity, they lose their superpowers.

There’s actually something I read about in Japan called ‘sekkusu shinai shokogun’ or celibacy syndrome. (Read more about it here.) Young people these days aren’t getting married as much there, or starting families, and populations in Japan are declining. People would rather focus on what they want to do, such as playing video games, watch anime, work, have virtual reality relationships, and in some cases be asexual. It’s not happening all over, but it is happening in Japan, at least a little bit anyway.

The other drama is called Mosaic Japan. This drama is about a man who, encouraged by his folks, applies for and takes a job which just so happens to be in the adult video/pornography industry. This one essentially plays into how open Japan is about porno videos and fetishes. If you’ve ever studied or read about Japan, then you’ve probably heard about this underground aspect. Personally, and I don’t know if I should say this, but I’m a lot more for being open about talking about your sexuality. At least I’m more for that than I am for pretending it doesn’t exist, sort of like how some people in my adopted home country tend to view it. Heck, even my conservative family growing up was guilty of this.

Mosaic Japan is not actually the type of drama that I want to watch, but I’m excited by the risk taking of making it. I like when shows push the boundaries of conventional wisdom and life. It’s more attractive that way.

Which one of the dramas from this month’s list looks most appealing to you? Drop a note in the comments below. Happy Drama Watching! ☺

The Full List from the Video here:

6. Mozu Season 2 – MOZU Season 2 ~幻の翼

5. Tokusou – トクソウ

4. Jiken Kyumeii 2 – IMAT no Kiseki – 事件救命医2 – IMATの奇跡

3. Magical Boy Cherry’s – 魔法☆男子チェリーズ

2. Mosaic Japan – モザイクジャパン

1. Platonic – プラトニック

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  • Melinda Lipinski

    ok i was drinking tea when you started to describe Magical boy cherry’s…tea almost came out of my nose

    • hallyuback

      LOL It is pretty ridic

  • Arthea Emory

    …the end of the video…was that you or Maki? about the Magical Boy Cherry’s…and Mosaic Japan…really? the lesser of two evils…I want to see Mosaic Japan…but Magical Boy Cherry’s is too goofy for words. So I’m listening to the out takes as I type this…and I just face palmed to, “so they have super powers until they have sex?” then after I composed my self I hear, “this is not a drama you watch with your mom, unless your mom was a porn star.” I’m telling ya…it’s like an X-Men movie..you have to stay for the whole thing, because you never know what juicy tidbits await! You keep postin, I’ll keep watching!