Finally May is here! I gotta say, in Korea I always looked forward to April because of the cherry blossoms and warm weather but while I had to wait a month, it looks like my first May in New York is going to be off the hook!


There’s a lot of reasons for that which you’ll be seeing in our daily vlogs, but if that’s not enough the Kdramas coming out this month also look fantastic – like I couldn’t be more excited about them if I tried!  Particularly there are three that I’m really curious about.

The first is Agreeably Warm, which was originally titled Jeju Island Gatsby.  Admittedly, I was more excited to see it when it had the original title, but having never been to Jeju despite all of the 6 years that I lived in Korea, I think it will be a cool insight at least into some of the food and scenery in how it differs from Seoul.  Perhaps I’m so interested because I’ve heard they’re so very different!  I’m also super interested in looking at Orange Marmalade.  The title is catchy, I love that it’s a live action of a manhwa, and the concept of a female vampire is something I’ve never really encountered that much in all of my anime and Asian drama watching experience.

But most importantly, the drama to be watching or at least to check out this month is Producers.  With a shorter number of episodes it is impossible that this drama is going to be boring – especially with the mindblowingly all-star cast!  I’m sorry people if you think I’m over exaggerating a drama that I’ve never seen before, and I know that my excitement isn’t always justifiable after the drama comes out.  But I am placing a lot of my hopes and expectations in this drama.

I know IU is a great actress and she plays her roles well.  In this one, it’s even easier for her because she’s playing a version of what she actually does – which is being a singer.  Kim Soo Hyun is another winner right from the beginning.  Have you ever seen him act mediocre or even terribly?  I know that I haven’t.  And lastly, Gong Hyo Jin.  She is my all-time favorite actress who pushed my former all time favorite actress Ha Ji Won out of the way when she brought it all the way home last year with It’s Okay, That’s Love.  The actors and actresses are phenomenal and the plot sounds fairly interesting.  If there’s anything, ANYTHING that I’m worried about it’s the scriptwriting.  But I doubt that these fantastic thespians would sign on for anything other than a great script!

Full List from the Video:
6. Ex-girlfriends Club – 구여친클럽
5. Save the Family – 가족을 지켜라
4. Agreeably Warm – 맨도롱 또똣
3. The Man in the Mask – 복면검사
2. Orange Marmalade – 오렌지 마말레이드
1. Producers – 프로듀사

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  • Melinda Lipinski

    man in a mask, boy in a balaclava, dude in a domino vigilante in a veil…ok i’ll stop now

  • Muna Almasri 무나

    well i’m watching Angry mom and sensory couple and who are you school 2015 1st angry mom i really love it its talks about a students gets bullied at school and an Inappropriate relationship between a male teacher and female student …. sensory couple its a Rom Com and school 2015 its from the series school does not need an introduction

  • Ray Labarbera

    Hate to say it but looking more forward to Orange Marmalade. Maybe because the expectation are so high for The Producers that I think it may be a bit of a disappointment

  • Split Personality

    Looking forward more to Orange Marmalade since i’ve read the webtoon version and loved it

  • Patricia Sorongon-Yap

    Im currently watching Let’s Eat 2. I highly recommend it for people who loves food and eating, with a dose of romance. Also Sensory Couple keeps me engaged in the story. It shows how different senses are used in everyday life. They don’t have super powers, but it highlights the gifts of each individual. Heartwarming. Lastly is Love on a Rooftop. It already has 20+ episodes in but I am still wondering why there’s “Rooftop” in the title. Still don’t get it. Well enjoy watching!