It’s time to start talking about July Korean Dramas!

I am SO EXCITED for ALL the good kdramas coming out next month that I actually had to increase the Top 5 into a Top 6.

There’s historical drama, family drama, teen drama, hopeful drama, supernatural romance and even the “smexy older lady” aka the Noona kdrama. WHAT MORE could a person ask for? Not much frankly.. know that I’m not complaining!

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Full List of Korean Dramas for July from the Video:
6. King Loves – 왕은 사랑한다
5. Man Who Dies to Live – 죽어야 사는 남자
4. Reunited Worlds – 다시 만난 세계
3. Strongest Deliveryman – 최강 배달꾼
2. School 2017 – 학교 2017
1. Bride of the Water God/Bride of Habaek – 하백의 신부 2017

  • Leah Bonilla

    Man Who Dies to Live is coming across as pretty stereo typical and ignorant in its presentation of the middle east. Have you watched it?