It does indeed look like it’s gonna be a really good month in dramaland! It’s a high-powered summer drama lineup of new Korean dramas including a first ever psychological romance drama as well a classic Taiwanese drama remake.


There are three dramas from this list that I am definitely going to watch, at least a few episodes of each anyways.

I’d like to see Night Watchman’s Journal in part because I’ve been watching a lot of Jung Il Woo recently. I started watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop with him in it. Along with that though, I’m kind of intrigued by the whole supernatural historical drama scenario as of late. Ghost’s man, they got ghosts. Arang and the Magistrate. Master’s Sun anyone? Frankly I don’t know exactly what drama to compare this to, but I hope it has a solid story because the casting the certainly interesting.

Until last year’s That Winter the Wind Blows, Jo In Sung hadn’t made any dramas for quite a while. In other words, I’m really anticipating It’s Okay, That’s Love. I really liked the first couple episodes of That Winter the Wind Blows but had a hard time watching too much of it because it was too much of a melodrama for me and had a hard time finding subs. I’m really excited to see him in a drama that looks like it has a fun and comedic plot. Added to that is Gong Hyo Jin is playing the leading lady. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drama in which I didn’t like Gong Hyo Jin. That’s a double dose of star power right there!

As for my number 1 drama of July on this list, Fated To Love You, I feel like I’ve already spoken about it so much. It stars to actors, Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, both of which I’m not very familiar with so not sure what to expect there. But the posters and teaser video I saw recently look freaking terrific! I’m a huge fan of the Taiwanese version so I just hope that the Kdrama version brings it. We shall see.

Until then, I’ve been watching a bit of Trot Lovers and trying not to get too impatient. I’m really just waiting for these to come out. It’s been a few months since we’ve had this many good dramas in a single month. Can you tell I’m getting my hopes up? Dramaland: don’t let me down!

Happy Drama Watching everyone! ☺

the full list from the video:

7. Only Love – 사랑만 할래

6. My Dear Cat – 고양이는 있다

5. High School – Love On – 하이스쿨 – 러브온

4. Marriage Not Dating – 연애 말고 결혼

3. Night Watchman’s Journal – 야경꾼일지

2. It’s Okay, That’s Love – 괜찮아, 사랑이야

1. Fated To Love You – 운명처럼 널 사랑해

the bloopers

  • irilight

    For sure Night Watchman Journal. And Hi school- Love on. Kim Sae ron!
    How come Temptation did not make it to your list? I am shocked! Kwon Sang woo reunited with Choi Ji-woo, and add Lee Jung-Jin to the mix….

    • hallyuback

      Oooh good catch! Yea, I missed that one, it happens but I can always add it to next month’s list :))

  • Arthea Emory

    FATED TO LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Now that that is out of the way. You know I stick around for the bloopers. I have such a dirty mind….and that’s where I’ll leave that thought. Maki! There is a drama with the word CAT in the title…and she’s sleep…wah wah. First time in a long time Maki hasn’t made an appearance on a post. Keep up the good work you guys! (9 to 5…GREAT MOVIE!!!) You post, I watch…best relationship EVA!

    • hallyuback

      Thanks for the positive encouragement, always. Thrilled you like the videos Arthea. *^^* We realized she didn’t make it into this one while we were filming, and I refused to let Richard go wake her up lol

  • Arthea Emory

    Oh yea…forgot to mention. IMO…Jang Hyuk is like So Ji Sub…only no swimmer’s body…but just as smexy! Loves me a swimmer’s body…*shivers*

  • Melinda Lipinski

    ahhh i cant decide which i want to see more…Fated to Love you or Night watchmen’s journal. Also tossing in the Dolly Parton song made me laugh