It’s been a long time since I made a video about Taiwanese dramas! And again that’s because they are long dramas and they don’t release as many as Korea or Japan every year. When I first started watching dramas that was a good thing! Because, I could watch them all.. or all the ones I wanted to watch at least. If I waited around a few weeks it wasn’t like I was missing everything. I could just go back and marathon it later, which was perfect when I first started to watch dramas in college and my friends were working during the weekends while I was procrastinating on my paper writing.

But that’s enough about that. On to talking about these dramas!

I’m still waiting to find out when Mike He’s drama with Jo Chen is coming out. But spring is pretty exciting in Taiwanese drama world! For guys, Nick Chou, Joe Cheng, Chris Wu, Aaron Yan, and Johnny Lu. Those are some faces I wouldn’t mind seeing again in a Taiwanese drama!

I also really like some of the premises that I’m seeing for these dramas coming out, because they look like they could be a little bit deeper and more reminiscent of my favorite dramas out of Taiwan. For example, You Light Up My Star looks to be super fun. And goodness knows I love Joe Cheng. That man has some smexy kisses AND he knows how to act.

Even High Heel and a Scalpel looks good, and I’m not a huge fan of medical dramas. I don’t like anything that has to do with disease, having lost both my grandfather’s to Parkinson’s complications. It looks like this one might be highly emotional, but I like all the actors and actresses starring in it, so it might be worth a look.

All in all, I wouldn’t mind catching at least one of these in the near future. Professors please be kind and give me less homework. ☺

The full list from the video!

7. First Kiss – 真愛配方

6. Fabulous 30 – 女人30情定水舞間

5. You Light Up My Star – 你照亮我星球

4. Once Upon a Time in Beitou – 熱海戀歌

3. Rock ‘n’ Road – A咖的路

2. Fall in Love with Me – 愛上兩個我

1. High Heels and a Scalpel – 白袍下的高跟鞋

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