New Korean Dramas of february are out! There are some unique gems in here too this month!!

‘Eulachacha Waikiki’ is about 3 men who wanted to work in the entertainment industry, but end up running a guest house in Itaewon that’s facing bankruptcy when a single mother and her baby appear.

‘Grand Prince’ is a historical drama about two princes who would fight to the death over the most beautiful girl in the land – the daughter of a prestigious official.

‘Children of a Lesser God’ is about a logical detective meets another detective who has superhuman sight. They work together to take down a powerful organization.

‘Shall We Live Together’ is about 2 doctors who aren’t interested in other people or marriage because of jaded family lives, and they decide to live together.

‘Should We Kiss First’ follows the lives of 4 adults who’s paths are intertwined and have lost their faith in love. I don’t know the last time I’ve seen such a pairing of extremely well respected and talented actors and actresses in one drama, so defitinely looking forward to this one

The Korean Drama ‘Short’ was released with the help of the Pyeong-chang Olympic Committee and will be a “short drama” about a short track athlete who rises to stardom and becomes a track and field coach at a university.

Abnd last but not least, ‘My Husband Oh Jakdoo’ is about a careerwoman looking for a house husband.

Happy Drama watching everyone!! :)

Full List from the Video:
5. Eulachacha Waikiki – 으라차차 와이키키
4. Grand Prince – 대군
3. Children of a Lesser God – 작은 신의 아이들
2. Shall We Live Together – 같이 살래요
1. Should We Kiss First – 키스 먼저 할까요

Honorable Mentions:
My Husband Oh Jakdoo

  • irilight

    Should We Kiss First… Fantastic cast and I love the scriptwriter – Bae Yoo-Mi.