OMG guys, so ‘Heirs’ is coming out soon! Hello Lee Min Ho! Actually, I’m not going to be watching just for him, but that’s beside the point. This man is like the biggest thing to hit the international Kdrama community since… Rain? Ok, maybe not, but he was pretty dang popular before he decided to go into the military and get all distracted by Kim Tae Hee! Anyways, ever since 2009’s Boys Over Flowers it almost seems that all the other Kdrama actors seem to pale in popularity to this one man. He’s been especially in the limelight since last year’s Faith – The Great Doctor. I got to admit, I get why. He does tend to look a bit manly and jock-ish and despite it being his first saeguk role he did a decent job and managed to kind of totally pull off a superhero vibe which gets all the ladies going.. well us geeky ones that is. There is a reason that despite hearing my husband Richard looks like Iron Man on a regular basis that it never gets old.. ya hear me?!?!


I’m actually quite torn right now thinking that the Master’s Sun has to end before I can watch and critique the new Heirs drama. I wonder why Lee Min Ho took the chance to be type-casted again in a young school style drama that is all oh so similar to Boys Over Flowers. I hate to say it, but the guy is getting a bit old for that. I was really getting excited over the decidedly more mature roles that he’s been taking on over the past few years. It was like he was setting himself up for a really respectful acting resume – that would cement his status from idol actor into one of the greats in Korea – which he is in the international community. Don’t get me wrong, Korean people like him too, but most of the people that I’ve talked to like Yoo Seung Ho, Gong Yoo or like my professor, they’re fans of So Ji Sub. I personally find the dichotomy of the drama tastes of Korean people vs. the international community to be quite interesting and often land somewhere in the middle of the two.

But all that aside, to be honest, I’ve almost gotten sick of hearing about Lee Min Ho. And so I decided to make yet another video all about him!! Why? Because I feel that it’s always best to face things head on and give it all you’ve got even when you’re at your wits end. And all of your comments will remind me of all of the lovely reasons that you first started liking him and thus why I should get over my angst about over-publicity and disliking things that become super mainstream. Honestly guys, it’s not that I try to be a hipster.. I just really like finding quirky hidden gems, big giant glasses give me a larger field of vision and I’ve always loved plaid. * face-palm *

Ahem, all of that aside here are a few of my personal Lee Min Ho Pros:
– He’s got a nose like no other
– He’s got more of a jock-ish physique than a lot of other Kdrama actors.
– He had Electricity Manipulation Powers
– He looks great with long hair
– He doesn’t shy away from being called “gay”
– He’s fashionably in touch with his feminine side
– He’s not afraid to wear suits made of couch material
– He’s a trend setter (?)
– He’s a guy that wears a lot of pink – though I hate the color.
– He advertises fun cell phones

What can you add to my list? And what should we do on HallyuBack to ring in this special occasion of the most hyped about drama of the year?

the blooper reel:

  • Arthea Emory

    First…I’m almost over Heirs. and it hasn’t started yet. second….isn’t it thursday? lastly…i love watching the bloopers and i’m a george michael freaky fan…so i was screaming the lyrics at the screen. so, for future reference…Well I guess it would be nice
    If I could touch your body
    I know not everybody
    Has got a body like you

    But I’ve got to think twice
    Before I give my heart away
    And I know all the games you play
    Because I play them too

    Oh but I
    Need some time off from that emotion
    Time to pick my heart up off the floor
    And when that love comes down
    Without devotion
    Well it takes a strong man baby
    But I’m showing you the door

    ‘Cause I gotta have faith….

    I know you’re asking me to stay
    Say please, please, please, don’t go away
    You say I’m giving you the blues
    You mean every word you say
    Can’t help but think of yesterday
    And another who tied me down to loverboy rules

    Before this river
    Becomes an ocean
    Before you throw my heart back on the floor
    Oh baby I reconsider
    My foolish notion
    Well I need someone to hold me
    But I’ll wait for something more

    Yes I’ve got to have faith….

    • hallyuback

      OOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG I’m hysterical reading this right now! I’m also singing George Michael right now, too! Yes, it is Thurs. but Richard and I are out of town all weekend starting tomorrow morning and wanted to get this video up before we hit the sack. Thank you so much for making my night with your comment! ^^

  • shasha

    Can you please tell me where I can watch secret campus with English subtitles? Thank you

  • Ting-ting Purok Tres

    Oh my G! Can’t stop laughing. You guys funny! Yes you gotta have Faith lol

  • Ting-ting Purok Tres

    Just curious??? Is there really a third sex in Korea? How visible are they in public or in the open just like here in the US and in the Philippines where I grew up!

  • Monika Žepčiukaitė

    OMG I like boys over flowers more than any other dramas but I like faith too.