May is officially here in all of its glory! So far in Korea that means rain and sadness, particularly so as the country mourns and tries to recover from the tragic sinking of the Sewol and the less tragic but still scary subway train collision that happened all of like today.. or yesterday.. wait, what day is it anyways?!?!


Lol, I feel like my internal clock has gone a bit haywire as I try to recover from traveling all over the country last week with my dad and I play the catch-up game with dramas and homework. Thankfully in Korea this weekend is a long holiday! Monday, May 5th is the national holiday known as Children’s Day or as I like to think of it, the anniversary of my first date with Richard. Typically we’d hike Hwaesong Fortress, but since we just did that with Dad I think I’ll skip this year.. we’ll do something else special instead. Even more special is that Tuesday is the celebration of Buddha’s birthday! That means a long weekend and lots of drama watching for me!!! HOLY CANNOLI, IT’S GONNA BE (A) MAY MARATHON!!!!!!

Unfortunately some of these aren’t going to be out until AFTER the long weekend, but they will still be great motivation for all of the paper writing that’s destined to happen this second half of the semester. To be frankly honest, I’m SUPER PSYCHED for this lineup, especially since all of the dramas that I had been watching have all been wrapped up and I’m seriously looking for some new storylines to immerse myself in. The funniest bit of it all to me is that I typically don’t watch medical or detective dramas, but there’s definitely one from each genre that I am going to certainly check out. You’re All Surrounded has my attention because of the cast.. Of the three main leads there’s not one that hasn’t impressed me with their acting skills and they’re also pretty easy on the eyes. Doctor Stranger is another one I really want to watch if only to see Lee Jong Suk and to assess how they portray North Koreans in the South. And, if it’s anything like King2Hearts I’ll be mostly all right with it!

But those are just my picks, what dramas do you think look great to check out this May?

The Full list of New Korean Dramas of May 2014:

8. A New Leaf – 개과천선

7. Yoona’s Street – 유나의 거리

6. Triangle – 트라이앵글

5. God’s Quiz Season 4 – 신의 퀴즈 시즌4

4. Big Man – 빅맨

3. Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team – 꽃할배 수사대

2. You’re All Surrounded – 너희들은 포위됐다

1. Doctor Stranger – 닥터 이방인

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