Happy New Years All! I really wanted to get this last video in before the end of 2013, especially because it’s another one all about KISSING! Back home in Pennsylvania we always made it a special day with a shrimp/snow crab leg dinner and sparkling cider (since growing up my parents didn’t drink). We all sat around nice and toasty playing board games and watching the ball drop in New York City. When the clock struck 12, everyone got a big hug and kiss, even if it was just on the cheek.


Tonight many people in Korea will be hugging and waving glow sticks at the big bell by the Jonggak station millennium tower in Seoul. It literally gets nuts as they close down all of the neighboring streets and the people pour in to celebrate! Personally though, while I can deal with the typical crowds in Seoul all those people would probably cause me to have a panic attack – and now that I’m getting over this terrible ick I had last week I don’t want to push it. So we’ll be staying in tonight and having a pj party with Maki watching the clock strike 12. Then tomorrow I’ll make my traditional German family pork and sauerkraut dinner!
Oh, the video – I almost forgot! Lol! So typically when watching dramas I always come across terrible kisses or just fun “kisses” that aren’t really kisses at all but people still swoon and call them kisses, recreating them in variety and reality programs and they become the new “it” thing. So, just for fun, I decided to make a bonus video featuring my favorite (or least favorite) of these kisses!

Disclaimer: Do not try these kisses at home! (Or for the cheesy ones do – because why not!)

Do you kiss when the clock strikes 12 at new year’s? What traditions do you guys have?

the last bloopers of 2013!

  • Parsacarly

    Aw no! The toothbrush thing was the worst wasn’t it?!?! Pretty Man/Bel Ami is finally getting better though – I’m glad I stuck with it! Loving ‘Man from the Stars’ though – can’t wait for those kiss scenes! hahaha

  • Yacine | ヤシン

    The “That Winter The Wind Blows” cotton kiss is not a real kiss anyway! The characters are siblings… they are not supposed to kiss. x)

  • Miko Satou

    How exactly is something like the donut part considered a form of kiss?
    He didn’t even touch her lips…
    And the cotton one…
    I will never understand such examples.