Another new Korean drama that came out this month is Triangle! At least from my perspective, it seems more like a drama for guys, or a drama for girls who like to watch guys in dramas. ☺

Main attraction of this Korean drama: Siwon. His smexiness was recently in Reply 1997, and he’s also from the Kpop group Ne:a. In Episode 1 he’s a rough and tough, yet smooth mafia-like dude who has a bit of a gambling problem. Lee Bom Soo of The Prime Minister and I fame is also in this one as a detective bound and determined to solve his case of getting the mob boss off the streets.

I watched the first episode and would like to at least give it another episode or two before I decide for sure if I’m gonna finish it. I also have started watching Doctor Stranger and You’re All Surrounded as well. As of today, I’m bogged down with WAY TOO MUCH schoolwork to be watching dramas unfortunately. The graduate program I’m in is no joke. When the summer vacation does finally get here for me, I’m gonn be finding a quiet spot, putting my feet up, and hanging a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door for at least a couple of days. Lots of new dramas are out that I’ve unfortunately been neglecting.. but not for too much longer!

  • ladysaotome

    I’ve been debating checking out Triangle but it does seem to have a guy’s show vibe and shows like You’re All Surrounded peak my interest more. I gave up on Dr Stranger – I can’t handle most medical dramas and this is more medical than some, plus a whole lot of spy-politics which gives me a headache. And I’m rapidly loosing interest in Witch’s Romance so my viewing schedule is clearing up fast. I just need to check on Grandpa’s Over Flowers. But for now, my schedule is happy with just two dramas – You’re All Surrounded and Aaron Yan’s Fall In Love With me.

    Good luck with your school-work!! When does summer vacation hit?

    • hallyuback

      Hey! Triangle gives off the same vibe to me too, so I’m sticking with Dr. Stranger for now. Unfortunately this past week I haven’t had any time to watch dramas. As summer vacation, it can’t come fast enough! I still hve a month to go, and it’s gonna be a long one with the papers I still have due. It’s gonna be good once it gets here tho! ^^

      • ladysaotome

        Ganbatte! Jai you! Fighting! (and I feel so special whenever I get a personal reply from you!!) ;D