This drama looks intriguing!

From when this was first introduced until now, I feel like the popularlity of it has grown. I feel like I’m watching two really good, young actors transition to adult. Ji Hyun Woo just got back from the military, and so this role is pretty important. In the eyes of Korea, now he’s a man! Frankly, from a drama-loving person does he still have what it takes, or did he lose his touch from his military stint? We shall see.

Jung Eun Ji is also growing up. She’s done the supporting actress in That Winter The Wind Blows, and the only other lead role she was featured in was the Reply Series. By that I mean she was in both sets of dramas. In 1997, we learned how she met her future husband and baby daddy. In Reply 1994, she in hubs moved next door to go Go Ara and her husband. For her, I think this may be her rise to become a regular, prominent name in Korean femme fatales.

At the time of writing this, there are four episodes out. And can I say, from the first episode this one looks like it may just be good!

Have you started watching this drama yet? What do you think of it so far? It would be great if you could let me know if I should keep watching it or not. ☺

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  • Arthea Emory

    LOVING TROT LOVERS!!!! I’ve seen the first 4 eps….AND I’M HOOKED!!! Love Eun Ji. Her interactions with both Shin Sung-rok and Ji Hyun- woo are FANTABULOUS! And although a LOT of it is predictable and standard for the KDrama world…I’m actually looking forward to the excecution. I am really looking forward to the next/upcoming episodes…which I’ve only felt for two other shows…Roomate and Empress Ki! Keep watching Steph…I’m sure it will get better for you!

  • kia

    Loving TROT LOVERS, it is refreshing, and gives a good laugh, i hope for this drama to gain good ratings, and my votes on the SECOND LEAD kekek <3 ahah he is so geeky and weird that it makes him awesome, and i love that the Eun Ji is a character which can stand for herself and family, i am hooked on her voice