By now, Korea has virtually every type of restaurant you can possibly think of! And in Seoul, Turkish Kebabs are quite popular! About 2 years ago a whole bunch of Kebab restaurants began popping up in Seoul (specifically Itaewon) and now there are probably more than 10. At some of these restaurants the selection has grown too. Before it used to only be chicken and lamb kebabs, but I noticed when in there during this video they have a bunch of plates available now as well. We sometimes stop in and have kebabs when in Itaewon because, why not?

Yesterday’s Video – Fresh Empanadas in Seoul

  • Ceren Ergenekon

    If you like kebaps u must visit Turkey. Kebabs are just tip of the iceberg. Turkish cuisine has amazing foods. You must try “manti” Its my favorite :)

    • hallyuback

      That sounds delicious! We would LOVE to visit Turkey someday ^^

  • Karen Shortell

    Poor Steph = I am so glad you got rid of that stone.. They hurt when they are stuck between the kidney and bladder if you are like me. The dr put me on a diet where you have to avoid all oxyliates = almost everything that is good for you. I don’t follow it most of the time. Get better soon from all your problems and enjoy the new year.