Today was the day we had to bring Maki to the vet to get some bloodwork done. We didn’t WANT to bring her there, but we have an obligation to make sure she is healthy and happy. We have two carriers for her: One that we originally got when we brought her home, and another that we used this summer for traveling. By now, once she sees us break out the carrier for the vet, she knows where she’s going and it can be difficult for us to pursuade her to get in it.

This visit to the vet was particularly troublesome because getting blood drawn is no piece of cake, and she had to have a needle stuck in both arms to complete the task. We didn’t film any of that of course. That would have been WAY too traumatic.

Just want to take this moment to say thank you so much everyone! We couldn’t continue to make daily vlogs without you guyz watching our videos and commenting like you do. We really appreciate your support. :)

yesterday’s video

  • Karen Shortell

    Adorable. Please, please do this with your first child if you have one. That will really tear you apart, or tear you up. (good old English language) I think Maki was a little mad at you when you first got back home. The dumplings looked so delicious. Your meal made me hungry. I love these slice of life videos. thanks

  • Arthea Emory

    How MJ (my dog) knows he’s going to the vet/groomers…we put a leash on him. He struggles at first, but I think he knows once the visit is finished…he gets 3 treats.