Let’s be honest: Pizza has to be one of the foods we missed most while living in Korea. And what’s crazy is that Korea has an AMAZING pizza selection when you really get down to it. Pizza has invaded Korea aa much as any foreign food has by now, and pizza shops are everywhere. Koreans have also adopted their own unique way of making pizza, and it’s gotten to the point where pizza in Korea might be unrecognizable in other parts of the world. If you’ve been to Korea, you may already know this. Pizza can also be pricy in Korea, which is why we appreciated this classic Dominos pizza order today so much: 3 delicious pizzas for 20 bucks, and delivered too. Can’t really beat that.

Have you ever had Dominos? Have you ever ordered pizza in Korea? What’s your favorite type of pizza? :)

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  • Rubyfox13

    I love dominos pizza I wish I could come and help paint I