This week’s question is another one on body image, cuz I guess you guyz really want to know about that stuff!

Frankly speaking, first thing’s first. Whoever you are, whatever your body shape is, learn to embrace your body! Enough with this fat shaming thin shaming business. I read just today about a new Korean entertainment figure (a man) who went on the IU diet of 1 sweet potato, 1 apple and 1 smoothie everyday. You know happened to him? He lost weight and gained it all back as soon as he stopped. He was starving himself.

The reality is, no matter what you look like, a majority of people are not 100% satisfied with their physical appearance.

So when we got this question from a girl who, by her tiny profile photo on YouTube, appeared to have a very hourglass figure, the first thing that came to mind which I actually forgot to say in the video is the length that some Korean girls go to to try and get some curves. We’re talking plastic surgery, padded bras that look like a foam ball cut in half, and even padded butt underwear.

If you got serious curves coming to Korea, are you going to be different than the norm? Why yes you will be! Mind you, if you’re in Seoul or Busan or possibly one of the other big cities, you may hardly notice it other than your own self-consciousness. Some people might look and others might ignore you. By now, some people here are used to seeing a large diversity of people.

All that being said, could you potentially get some unwanted attention? Yes, of course anything is possible. If you’re actually living here as a teacher, it’s impossible to escape the dong shim or the butt poke, particularly from young kids. They usually will only do that if they know you though. People also tend to get very ‘hands-on’ in general, and their unwritten rules for personal space are different from western countries. Other than that, you’re not so likely to get touched inappropriately with the exception of ajumas who live by their own rules and might poke you in the boobs. But that’s part of Korea’s charm, and will that happen a lot? We doubt it.

If you dress conservatively and try to be confident you really have nothing to worry about. ☺

last week’s LIKE IT video:

  • kaekaed

    If a man touched me inappropriately in the US, I’d slap them (at the least). How much trouble would I get it in if I slapped a pervert in Korea?

    • Joe

      probably you have never experienced packed subway cuz you stayed in a country side for your whole life. they are not intended to touch you but just because of thousand of people in one train. and if you slap them, police come and you will make a sworn statement as a subject of assault just like what your country does.

      • kaekaed

        I’m a woman and I was speaking of real perverts, not accidental touches on a cramped subway.
        Perverts like the guy in FL who tried to flip my skirt: my hands were full, but I gave him a Look that sent him scurrying away like the rat he was. He ran away saying that he thought I was someone else.
        If my hands weren’t full, I would have slapped him. It was probably a good thing my hands were full because he had been hiding and popped out just as I crossed over an overpass so he could have easily fallen.
        My hope is that the look I gave him scared him so badly that he never would try something like that (or worse) w/ another woman.
        The funny thing is I was the quietest/shyest girl around (I was 21 & looked 16). But my parents taught us (guys & girls) that men are to treat women with respect (aka keep your hands to yourself); and if they don’t, then women are to respond w/ the appropriate amount of force required for the situation.

  • kaekaed

    FWIW. I was in Korea for 2 weeks and I’m “well-endowed” – I didn’t notice anyone looking at me inappropriately and certainly, no one touched me. That being said, I’m kinda plain and I dress modestly so YMMV.