Hey everyone! Richard here. While Stephanie sits behind me pounding away on her laptop to finish one of her big end of the year assignments for grad school, you’re left with me to write up this blog. Rare indeed, I know. Tell me about it. ☺

But fear not, I do have a fun video to share with you! Yesterday while Steph took off from the house by herself to go shopping, I stayed back to read some of my student’s journal assignments which they recently handed in for the classes I teach. It took several long hours to finish them up, but just as I put my grading stuff away, I received a text message from Steph saying she was almost done shopping and inviting me into Seoul to meet her. Heading into Seoul is almost always equals fun, so I made sure Maki was okay with food and clean litter boxes, and headed out.

But not before I grabbed a video camera to take with me.

I’ve made a few of these types of videos before, where I walked around a talked a bit. I made two to be precise. People seemed to like them, and I’ve been meaning to make more, but don’t just want to walk and talk about anything. Plus those first two were made in the winter and I’ve ben waiting for the warmer weather to show up. It has and it’s been so lovely in Korea this last month and a half.

Anyhoo, hope I didn’t bore you to death with this one! I did meet up with Steph finally in Seoul which was cool, and we went to have dinner after that. Chicken Galbi. Our favorite. ☺

Of, and just wanted to give an update to the Korean Ferry Boat Scholarship Fund campaign we started. Over $2,500 has been raised so far! If you haven’t had the chance to see the campaign or watch the video we made about, click here. Also please consider making a donation if you haven’t already. 100% of the proceeds are going to families who lost a child. You can also click here to TWEET the link and share it with friends. Thanks so much!!!

  • Deidre Crummitt

    I love these videos. It’s really neat to see the day-to-day life in Korea. 😀

    • Richard

      We’ll make more! :) Where would you like us to go? You name it we’ll try to go there! haha

      • Deidre Crummitt

        How about the next time either of you goes to the salon? And I always like the restaurant videos. Hahaha.