Ideals. Stereotypes. Expectations. Somehow these are all tied together, and yet should any of these actually exist? Deep down I think that it could be one of the reasons we have so many problems in this world. People try to conform to the world according to what they think the world wants, and they are not true to themselves.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and we’re all beautiful and talented in our own ways. It’s unfortunate that society judges people by age, by race, by looks.

When we got this question, I didn’t want to answer but I knew we should. It’s easy to see what the Korean ideal is. It’s what their media portrays. That is the fantasy, the ideal if you will.

And honestly, nobody can match up to those ideals, not even the celebrities and stars themselves. They have stylists, makeup artists, and managers to determine and control their appearance in public, both physically and socially. They have drama writers write fictitious stories.

I’ll never forget when I first went to Italy, and an Italian woman asked me if all American women were like ‘Sex In The City’. The reality is, most women aren’t. But to some people that’s the ideal.

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