When trying to decide what business dramas to choose for my second part of the Smexy Professionals 3Some, I had a lot of choices and then I saw that this drama had just been released.  When a Man Loves a Woman is such a catchy title – I immediately start singing in my head “When A MAAN LOVES A WOOMAN!!..”

But seriously, as soon as I saw this one out, I was intrigued.  I talked about it most recently in my Top 5 New Kdramas of April video and I gotta say – they were quite possibly some of the smexiest on the list.  I’m also intrigued by the age difference of the pairing and how much chemistry they would have – would Shin Se-Kyung be able to pull off falling for such an older and more dangerous man?  And I hadn’t seen much of the director’s work other than Arang and the Magistrate.

She however is a fantastic actress, and has proved her worth more than once in the first episode.  Taking on 8 different mafia guys with her bags alone?  She had confidence and strength and could look at Song Seung-Heun in a hotel room and not attack him.  And he is smoking hot in this role!  Now you may hear me say from time to time that a guy needs to put a shirt on, but really that’s only typically because he’s skinny and to me isn’t a whole lot to look at.  This guy however will blow you away with a shirt on, but especially with it off… woo baby!

All the sexiness aside though, this one’s full of intrigue and they’ve definitely got my attention in the first episode.  There’s the pull of potential romance, the OMG factor of brutal fighting and Song Seung-Heun’s character’s absolute Chuck Norris style macho-ness where he doesn’t flinch as he’s bleeding everywhere.  I seriously at one point had the hubby running over with a “What, what’s wrong?” as I watched in horror.. but they don’t leave you in that place for long and for that, I’m really grateful.  I don’t know if I could handle another completely ridiculously intense melodrama.  If they would have left me hanging…

Anyways, I’m really excited about this drama and think it’s going to be really good.  Unfortunately it’s going to be in the mix with a lot of other pretty fantastic dramas – so start this one before you get too involved in another story and it gets left behind!!!

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