During a recent performance at the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejeon, Suga from the Kpop group BTS did something nobody was expecting. BTS members came out onto the stage to perform their track ‘Mic Drop’ and while singing, he pulled the microphone away from his face to prove to everyone that he wasn’t lip-syncing. Since it has become somewhat commonplace and expected for Kpop singers to lip-sync while performing on stage, this was unprecedented. It took everyone by surprise, and so we decided to cover it.

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KocowaTV’s 2017 Korean Awards Show Lineup:
2017 SBS Music Awards (12.25.17)
2017 KBS Music Awards(12.29.17)
2017 MBC Entertainment Awards (12.29.17)
2017 MBC Drama Awards (12.30.17)
2017 SBS Entertainment Awards (12.30.17)
2017 SBS Drama Awards (12.31.17)
2017 MBC Music Awards (12.31.17)

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