In the age of globalization, more and more people are considering travel and relocating to work in Asia. But how do you choose which country to live in?

So many factors really do come into play.

For instance, you may already work for a company that has decided to transfer you to one of these countries. If that’s the case you may not have a choice where you go. Or you may often business travel to Korea, Japan or Taiwan like so many people I’ve met in Korea, and you just end up going where your company takes you.

Or you may not have a job, but are looking for work in one of these places.

So how exactly do you make such an important decision?

Well to put it mildly, it’s not easy.

For me, out of college I initially want to to move to Japan. I applied for a position, and was eventually turned down. When the next opportunity came up, it wasn’t in Japan. It was in Korea. I jumped on it, and I haven’t looked back.

Sometimes life just happens like that.

For Richard, it had nothing to do with Kpop, Korean dramas, or even delicious Korean food, and everything to do with ease of obtaining employment. Korean universities have less strict guidelines for hring than Japanese universities do. And, he never considered Taiwan. Plus he had already worked in Korea before that in 2002.

Did it work out for us? Without a doubt. Would my life be drastically different if I had first been hired in Japan? of course! I would have never met Richard and most certainly would not be making YouTube videos for a living. For me, living in Asia was MORE important than just one particular country. It’s weird how it’s like that for me.

And so it may be for you to if you’re considering moving to Asia. Maybe which country you choose is less important than just making the move itself. Maybe the country you choose is everything. And maybe, you’re just more comfortable where you currently are and don’t plan to make a move.

All our paths are different. And that’s what makes this world beautiful.

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