Korea will always be a big part of our lives. Now that we’ve been living away from Korea for about 2 months, what we loved about living there and the country itself is becoming more clear now that we don’t have it. What they say about not missing something until it’s gone rings true to some degree with the reasons we loved living in Korea!

The reasons we love Korea mentioned in the video:

– Networking with people from around the world who are also living and working or visiting there
– Healthcare is affordable and extremely efficient!
– Street food is delicious!
– Makeup and accessory stores are EVERYWHERE!
– Teaching English was a great experience, and we made a lot of money doing it
– The technology Korea has and adopts quickly

What reasons do you LOVE Korea? :)

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  • Dangershoes

    First off, the transportation. Love the rail system. everything is close to a station. Then the food. :) The feeling of respect I get from just riding the train or walking around the city. I rarely seen any act of rudeness. Love the parks and Han River. Beautiful blend of nature and buildings. Seems more health conscience. Lots of stairs, bike paths and exercise areas. So many mini concerts through out the city. mostly in Hongdae and the architecture museum. Was walking along the Han river one day and saw a huge crowd of people “camping out”, found out there was to be a free concert. Was awesome. Beautiful songs. *sighs* :'( Miss it alot.