If you’ve been following HallyuBack and our videos for a while, you probably know by now that I not only like Korean dramas but I also adore Taiwanese dramas. The only problem is that it’s almost as if the best ones come out few and far in between. ☹ But when they do, they’re epic! This is a remake of the fantastic Taiwanese drama ‘My Queen’ with Ethan Ruan and Cheryl Yang. I gotta say, I loved the original Taiwanese version and really have been looking forward to watching the Korean remake. However, school work kind of got in the way. As much as I love dramas and watch them on a regular basis a girl has got to have her priorities and getting A’s in my classes was priority number one. So yeah, this video is about a drama that I haven’t seen yet, but plan to start watching ASAP!

Because of this, I can only look at the pictures and ogle over this drama that I haven’t seen yet and get myself psyched up to watch it.. but it totally worked. I think this drama may have some of the smexiest kisses yet of this year.. like for serious! As I’m uploading this right now I’m getting ready to watch the first episode.. Yay! So, if you want to know my thoughts on this drama as it unfolds, keep checking my twitter feed @HallyuBack, because it’s going down!

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