For those of you have been following, you probably know by now that’s I’m also a fan of anime and manga. However, because I’m so wrapped up in dramas with Hallyu Back (and have had WAY too much homework recently), I don’t get to shower myself as much with anime anymore. Sad but true. So, on the flip side of this I particularly like live action dramas, which essentially are anime turned into dramas. Truth be told, it’s what actually got me into dramas in the first place. Live actions that is. ;D

If you’re a fan of mangas, it’s pretty likely that you know about Clamp. Heck, they are the ladies who created Chobits! And.. who doesn’t like Chobits??!?! Seriously, when is the live action drama of Chobits coming out?

Can they even make that? That was the initial draw for me combines with Anne Wantanabe, daughter of the famous Ken Wantanabe. Letters from Iwojima, Memoirs of a geisha, The Last Samurai.. you know who he is even if you didn’t know you knew. And who knew?! ☺

I had enough reasons to watch this one to overshadow my one reason to NOT watch this one. Which was, it had a horror theme, and I don’t particularly like horror. But I’m glad that I did because all of the horrow elements remind me of cheesy 1990s horror movies, and it wasn’t really scary at all. It was just entertaining.

The other thing is, after I finished wwatching it I had this sent of ‘That’s it? Really??’ It’s totally marathonable. At 8 total episodes of 20 minute each, technically you could watch this entire series in under 3 hours. It doesn’t get much more marathonable than that.

Add this one to your drama list if you haven’t already, and if you’re like me don’t even add it to the list, because before you know it it’ll be off the list because you’ve already finished watching it!

WAY too much homework recently.

The Bloopers:

  • lovedramas30

    sweet, i’m also a big clamp fan. thanks stephh!!! 😀


    i liked the drama but the anime is much much better ! worth watching …
    thank you for reviewing under the raddar Jdrama !
    I recommend Karamazov no Kyodai (The Brothers Karamazov) and “Kekkon Shinai”

  • Grace Montemayor Terrado

    Woooooow. I will watch this one :)) Thanks Unnie

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    I’ve never even heard of this drama. But since you recommend it then it will go on my list. Plus it seems really interesting. Thanks for another great video!!!

  • MysteryMel

    Finally found this and was impressed. Easy to marathon and totally dark – the lead is way too into her role. Gave my review on MDL