I’m still stuck on You Who Came From The Stars, as is evident by this photo from as recent as yesterday eating chicken and beer with the hubz. I’m so happy that this drama came out and that Kim Soo Hyun blew up in popularity! This man has so much going for him. He can act, he can sing, he models well, he can sell luggage, he can promote chicken and beer, he looks so fine, and he can pull off being an alien. He can even dance! He takes the triple threat to the next level. Like, out of this world from another planet next level.

I was actually excited to remember Jun Ji Hyun. When I first started getting into Asian dramas I of course saw ‘My Sassy Girl’. But as I watched a lot more dramas than I do movies (and don’t really watch a lot of Korean movies), girl hasn’t done a drama in forever! And by forever I mean since 1999. So this was the first and only drama that I’ve actually seen her in, even though I’ve seen her in other stuff.

Plus, I hadn’t done a kissing video since these back to back ‘Best of 2013 Kisses’ and the ‘Worst of 2013 Kisses’ videos so I thought….. what the heck!

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