We have crossed over into 2018 and with that comes over 10 years of Korean drama watching for me. OMG hard to believe it! I feel so old.. TT.

With all these years of “experience” thoguh comes a great understanding of dramas and so here is my overall thoughts on January’s dramas: I think they’re playing their “safe” cards this month.

Time travel dramas and revenge dramas are nothing new, they’ve done really well these last few years. Prison dramas and even reality shows have become popular recently in Korea despite some backlash for “glamorizing” a life that’s undesirable. (Aka. you make prison life look fly and it will encourage hooligans to do bad bad things.) And while ‘Mother’ looks fantastic, they bought a hit script from Japan and cast one of the best and prettiest actresses (Lee Bo Young) in the role. Guaranteed success. The only way it won’t be great is if the director/screenwriters/production staff & advertisers screw up – which would be foolish.

Really that leaves the only big stand out dramas for this month being ‘Yeonnam-dong 539’ and Radio Romance. The latter is somewhat unique – and should be good because it stars Kim So Hyun and for only just turning into an adult she’s a veteran actress in a romance drama that will tug on your heartstrings. And for Yeonnam – they’ve cast a bunch of talented famous faces & comedians to do a drama about living in a share house. The synopsis sounds like ‘The Lover’ but dirt poor and a whole lot less sexy.

Which dramas look most enticing this month? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Drama Watching! And Happy New Year everyone^^

Full Kdrama List from the Video
5. My First Love – 애간장
4. Yeonnam-dong 539 – 연남동 539
3. Cross – 크로스
2. Radio Romance – 라디오 로맨스
1. Mother – 마더