Where to Watch Korean Awards Shows Online thumbnail

During a recent performance at the 2017 SBS Gayo Daejeon, Suga from the Kpop group BTS did something nobody was expecting. BTS members came out onto the stage to perform their track 'Mic Drop' and while singing, he pulled the microphone away from his face to prove to everyone that he wasn't lip-syncing. Since it [...]

2NE1 Breaking Up Permanently? thumbnail

Did you hear about Minzy leaving 2NE1? I woke up this morning to the news plastered all over my social medias thanks to some very unhappy Blackjacks. Yes folks, it’s true – after 7 years as a member of 2NE1 and 11 years under contract with YG, Minzy has decided to go her own way [...]

‘Descendants’ Passes ‘My Love From The Stars’? thumbnail

It's official you guys.. Descendants of the Sun is the BIGGEST Korean drama in recent history!!!! In 6 episodes, they've surpassed You Who Came From the Stars which was hugely popular - and I couldn't be more thrilled. Currently on board watching the drama myself, I completely understand the hype. While a modern somewhat realistic [...]

Korea’s Tallest Kpop Idols thumbnail

2016 IS HERE!!!! Happy New Year everyone! What better way to start off a new year than by a nice little video sharing who are some of the tallest (and Smexiest!) men in the Koren entertainment world.   By the way: I uploaded the brand new Korean Dramas coming out in 2016! Have you seen [...]

Why Live in Korea? (vs. Japan, Taiwan) thumbnail

In the age of globalization, more and more people are considering travel and relocating to work in Asia. But how do you choose which country to live in? So many factors really do come into play. For instance, you may already work for a company that has decided to transfer you to one of these [...]

Breast Implants in Korea thumbnail

Breast implants, or breast augmentation is a relatively commonish surgery in the world of plastic surgery. In North America for instance, breast implants became popular somewhere in the 80s with the rise of plastic surgery’s popularity. in the U.S. now, the word breast implant is a household term. In Korea, it’s not as common, particularly [...]

More Idols in Korean Dramas? thumbnail

It’s difficult being an entertainer in Korea. Their contracts are known to be so long and extreme that in some cases they’re called slave contracts. Many idols are on crazy diets, they work long hours, and sometimes though not always it’s for little to no pay (charity concerts, etc.) While there are some people out [...]

Mixed Ethnicities in Korea thumbnail

When talking about mixed race in Korea, I think the most important thing to keep in mind is Koreans' view on race and nationality in general. To most people in South Korea, you're either Korean, or you're foreign. While there are different classes of foreigners in Korea, people generally aren't so concerned about mixed ethnicity. [...]

Body Image Issues in Korea thumbnail

After deciding to shoot this video and upload it to YouTube, we were both surprised we hadn't actually addressed this issue before specifically. We received an email from a lady who recently moved to Korea with her family. She's a woman who bought one of my paintings, and therefore we've exchanged a bunch of emails [...]

Thank You 100,000 Subscribers!!!! thumbnail

It's been a long time coming, but yesterday at about 1:30am on the morning of May 3rd, we crossed 100,000 subscribers on our Hallyu Back channel!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S BANANAS!!!! It's incredible to be honest, so we decided to take a moment and reflect on the journey that got us where we are today in this video [...]

Why We LOVE Korea! thumbnail

Korea will always be a big part of our lives. Now that we've been living away from Korea for about 2 months, what we loved about living there and the country itself is becoming more clear now that we don't have it. What they say about not missing something until it's gone rings true to [...]

Can A Kpop Girl Group Take Over The U.S.? thumbnail

It's pretty clear by now that Kpop has won over a particular fan base in Asia. It's popular enough that just mentioning the word 'Kpop' or 'Korean Drama' to people in Asian countries is enough to provoke some sort of positive response. As well, Kpop has pockets of fans around the world. But, it has [...]

What’s the Ideal Korean Woman? thumbnail

Ideals. Stereotypes. Expectations. Somehow these are all tied together, and yet should any of these actually exist? Deep down I think that it could be one of the reasons we have so many problems in this world. People try to conform to the world according to what they think the world wants, and they are [...]

Lesbian Kissing in Korean Drama? thumbnail

The Korean Drama world was rocked recently with news of a kiss unlike any other ever before seen on Korean Television: Two female characters kissed for the first time!! The kissing scene happened in Seonam Girls High School Investigators, a high school drama. The drama itself is supposed to be talking about issues that occur [...]

Reverse Culture Shock! KOREA—>USA thumbnail

WE FINALLY HAVE INTERNET AT OUR NEW HOUSE!! It’s amazing how having fast internet can can someone so happy, but I guess the future is now haha. We must admit, having a slow internet connection since being back in NY and staying with my in-laws has slowed us down a bit. I did film a [...]

How Do Koreans View Latinos? thumbnail

These days we've been getting lots of questions from you guyz about how Koreans view your ethnicity. Maybe more than 20 of you asked us about this on a single LIKE IT video we did recently, and that wasn't the first time. We've been getting this question for awhile now. And, this is NOT an [...]

Korean Adoptees Returning to Korea? thumbnail

A recently published article in the New York Times provided some very interesting information about the adoption program in Korea and shed some light on the stories of a few individuals that have been adopted. It stated that more Korean adoptees are returning to Korea than ever before. There are many reasons for this, and [...]

Jang Geun Suk Pays His Taxes! thumbnail

It was discovered recently that Jang Geun Suk made a small error in paying his taxes, and hadn't paid them properly. Once it was discovered and he was notified, he paid the debt pretty much immediately. Although this was more or less an oversight, there was still public pressure to step down on on his [...]

How To See Kpop Stars in Korea thumbnail

We LOVE answering your questions in our LIKE IT videos! One question we get in various forms often is about visiting Korea. Many of you want to know where you should stay, when to come, what to do.. but most importantly: CAN YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO SEE FAMOUS PEOPLE??! Of course that's really what [...]

How Spicy Is Korean Food? thumbnail

A lot of Korean food is spicy, but not all. Korean foods that are spicy though, are usually VERY spicy. There are also a lot of non-spicy foods out there, too. If you do your research they are easy to discover. I'm not going to make a long list of spicy and no-spicy Korean dishes [...]

Lee Min Ho Can’t Watch Boys Over Flowers? thumbnail

It was recently reported in Hallyu News that Lee Min Ho cannot watch his own drama! That's right, Lee Min Ho confessed that he cannot watch Boys Over Flowers, his signature breakout role because his hair and his character were just.. too... flowery! He can't stand to watch himself because he disliked his hairstyle, and [...]

Is Kpop Popular in Korea? thumbnail

While we may not be Kpop aficionados, we do enjoy a bit of Kpop from time to time. And living in Korea, you can’t help but be surrounded by it regardless of your musical tastes. After seeing how many of you guyz thumbs upped this question, we decided to give our 2 cents. To be [...]

Do Koreans Like Tall Curvy Women? thumbnail

We received this question yesterday, and knowing that a lot of you guyz might be interested in hearing commentary on it, we decided to give it a go! One thing I failed to mention in the video is that while I have met a fair number of foreign girls who have dated Korean guys, I've [...]

Having a BIG BUTT in Korea thumbnail

I was VERY MUCH able to approach this topic from personal experience. Although I am by no means very large on top, I do have a bit of a butt for a slightly more slender woman. I'm well aware of the types of things that could happen living in Korea, and the pitfalls associated with [...]

How Koreans Celebrate Christmas thumbnail

Christmastime is here! It's also here in Korea appearing in a very similar way in public: Christmas decorations hung in many shops, Christmas trees can be seen around town, lights strung up in foggy windows and even Christmas music being played sporadically. It sure does LOOK like Christmas in Korea. But do they celebrate, or [...]

IKEA Opening in Korea thumbnail

It's been reported for over a year that Ikea has had plans to open up its first store in South Korea. Now that the day has finally arrived, along with it controversy has followed. There have been many articles written about this online, and therefore we covered it. Hope you enjoy this episode of Hallyuback [...]

Vagina Boat Artist Arrested thumbnail

Vagina Boat Artist Megumi Igarashi also known as ろくでなし子 meaning 'Good for nothing girl' or literally translated by Google as 'Bastard Artist' was arrested in Japan again for offering 3D prints of her vagina to people who donated to help her create a 3D kayak with an imprint of her vagina on it. We weigh [...]

New Lee Min Ho Drama in 2015? thumbnail

One of the most ALL TIME POPULAR actors in Korean dramas is back in the news, this time with his new movie coming out Gangnam Blues. There was a delay in the release of it, but now that things seem to be back on track Mr. Lee Min Ho is appearing to promote it more [...]

7-Eleven Delivery Service thumbnail

It was recently in the news that 7-Eleven has decided to launch a delivery service at 4 store locations in South Korea. The decision was made mainly because the store feels it can attract more customers by offering delivery of goods during certain store hours and within 300 meters of the store location. We offer [...]

Korean Air Goes Nuts! thumbnail

Korean Air's CEO and daughter have recently apologized for an incident on a recent flight from NY to Seoul because a flight attendant served macadamia nuts in a big instead of on a plate in first class. This has caused outrage amongst Koreans because this sort of behavior seems to be a reoccuring trend in [...]

Korean Public Kissing Now OK? thumbnail

It's well know that Korea is a bit more conservative than some other places. That's why when we read the news that Seoul was holding a kissing contest, and over 200 people had signed up, we were a bit surprised. Of course it's not that surprising since there are people here who wish Korea was [...]

Korea’s First Black Friday thumbnail

Black Friday is coming to Korea! For the first time in Korean history Koreans will now be able to exclaim that they officially have a day called 'Black Friday' where they can get the best deals for online shopping. Prior to this, Koreans had only American and other websites to shop on to get the [...]

Korean Companies Blocking YouTube thumbnail

This news may or may not come are a surprise to you, but it's not surprising to us. Korean broadcasting companies recently announced that they are blocking much of their content available on their YouTube channels to users who reside in South Korea. This is mainly due to the fact that they can make more [...]

We Answer a Korean Uni Entrance Exam Question! thumbnail

Over the years, Richard has made quite a few short videos about Korea education. Too many in fact. It's a good thing he re-directed his energy or there would be no Hallyu Back! With that being said, we both care very much about the state of education today. Heck, I've spent the past 2 years [...]

Korean Celebrity Military Exemption? thumbnail

Do all men in Korea have to serve in the military? The real answer is no, not ALL of them. Most of them yes, they must serve two years to fulfill their duty. As it happens (and it doesn't happen often), people become exempt for mostly medical reasons. If they are unable to perform basic [...]

Plus Size Korean Modeling thumbnail

Every now and again a story comes along that happily surprises us. This is one of those stories. Lee Guk Joo is a comedian and entertainer in South Korea, and she recently did some fashion shoots that caught a lot of people's attention. She's considered a plus size lady by some, and modeling like this [...]

Korean Prison for Selling a Selfie Stick? thumbnail

Recently it's been published on virtually every Korean and Kpop culture website that sellers of selfie sticks can be fined and even go to jail for illegally selling a selfie stick. This has happened for a number of reasons, but mainly because some selfie sticks contain bluetooth technology that has not been approved by the [...]

B.A.P Receives $450/Month? thumbnail

2014 has not yet ended and already there is another major controversy in the news! B.A.P has announced they are suing their entertainment company for what has now been deemed a 'slave contract'. According to their 7 year contract, each member has only received the equivalent of $450/month for the last 3 years equally roughly [...]

Korea Rejects Black Teacher thumbnail

Did you hear about the recent news out of South Korea about the American English teacher that was rejected from 2 jobs only for being black? Sean Jones was sent text messages and messages on Facebook saying the schools weren't interested in hiring him because he was black and they wanted a white teacher. We [...]

Do Korean Men Prefer Feminine Women? thumbnail

Although neither of us has actually dated a Korean man, it's actually a lot less difficult to discuss this topic than you might think. Both of us have been living here for some time now, and that means many many conversations with people under our belts by now. Dating, and what each sex prefers in [...]

Korean Women Have Pubic Hair Transplants thumbnail

Sometimes the news out of Korea is just plain interesting to people who weren't born and raised in this country. What is a trend in North American and Europe is actually disliked in Korea and Asia, and that's trimming pubic hair. Here it seems, some women want more of it. The reasoning varies, but this [...]

Kpop Group Wears Nazi Symbol thumbnail

The Kpop group Pritz was recently spotted during their performance at a Horse Race Track in Korea wearing what appeared to be a symbol that resembled the Nazi swastika. Whether this was a complete accident or blatently intentional, the mostly unknown Pritz breifly made Kpop headlines with this stunt. We take a closer look at [...]

BTS Condom Penis Pump Scandal? thumbnail

Is this a big deal? A condom and what looks to be a penis pump were spotted on a recent photo posted by a member of the Kpop group Bangtan Boys (BTS). Has Jin done something legitimately wrong? Are hardcore fans of this Kpop group justified in being upset or disappointed that a condom was [...]

Korean Age – What’s That? thumbnail

Korean age may forever be a mystery to many of us, but we try our best to unravel it in this week's LIKE IT! Korean age basically boils down to this: You are always 2 years older than your actual age until you have your birthday. After that you are one year older than your [...]

Fans Throw Underwear At Exo Concert thumbnail

Trying out a new segment! Who doens't love ridiculous news? I'm a news information junkie and Asia always has some pretty ridiculous stuff. And I ain't just talking about North Korea either. Getting things kicked off with some Kpop news, Exo style. Some international Kpop fans tried to turn the boy band EXO into some [...]

Yoon Eun Hye’s Fan Cafe Drama thumbnail

Yoon Eun Hye hasn't made a drama this year, but she's set to start filming a movie with Park Shi Hoo with the working title Love After Love. Her management set up a fan cafe for her birthday on October 3rd, the fan cafe being an online forum where fans can write to her and [...]

Korea’s Technology is JUST SO COOL! thumbnail

Seriously it’s true: Koreans love their new technology! This is not groundbreaking news, we know. But it is one of the secrets to their success whether they want to admit it or not.. and why wouldn’t they admit it? They have some of the coolest technology around!! First off, and we didn’t even mention this [...]

Jobs in Korea for Non-Koreans thumbnail

One of the lines of questions you guyz ask a lot is about getting a job in Korea. I totally understand being interested in a country and their culture and feeling drawn to want to go there and live there. Heck, I even understand the frustration of not knowing where to start the process and [...]

EXO, SM and The Future of Kpop thumbnail

There have been A BUNCH of serious issues recently surrounding the Kpop industry that seem to be calling the industry itself and the way they do business into question. There have been more controversies in the second half of 2014 than ever.. though that may be an exaggeration. So much has happened in just the [...]

Being a Vegetarian in Korea thumbnail

People have been asking us ‘What’s it like for a vegetarian in Korea?’ or ‘What are vegetarian options in Korea’ ever since we started doing LIKE IT videos. No question about Korea is TOO DIFFICULT, but this was one we have avoided until now. And honestly, we have less direct experience with this topic mainly [...]

My Son Looks Korean, Can He Be A Korean Actor? thumbnail

This question comes from a Mom who wants her son to become a Korean drama star. We actually get asked fairly often about how to come to Korea or how to work in Korea. Truthfully, it’s really tough to answer those questions properly! We both believe that everyone has to create their own journey and [...]

Staying with a Friend and HE has a Girlfriend.. thumbnail

When we saw this question, we couldn’t resist answering.. if only that it’s such an unusual question that we’ve never been asked before. And, it’s a legitimately good question. I must say, from re-watching the final cut of the video, Richard and I have very different opinions on this matter. The thing we both agree [...]


When it comes to the internet, Korea uses almost all it’s own sites. But when it comes to cell phone use, there’s really only one main app they use to chat: Kakao Talk. When we got this question, it was a pretty straight forward answer for both of us. If you’re familiar with Korea and [...]

What’s a Typical Korean Teenager’s Life Like? thumbnail

Teenagers in Korea got it pretty good depending on how you look at it. They all are entitled to receive a public education, most all of them come from 2 parent homes, they are pretty much all fed well, most all of them have smart phones, and the list goes on and on. Of course, [...]

How Do Koreans Judge Bad Skin Condition? thumbnail

When people watch Korean dramas and Kpop videos, you may become immersed in a world of beauty and glamor. Much like Hollywood and Bollywood and, you know, entertainment around the world. The reality though, is that like everywhere else, when you have millions of people in a country, they don’t all look like celebrities. We’re [...]

I’M MOVING TO KOREA!! What Should I Pack? thumbnail

Guess who’s getting ready to go back to Korea?!? With that in mind we thought is was VERY appropriate to try and answer this. Richard and I just sat together compiling a last minute list of some things we’ll be shopping for tomorrow to stuff in our suitcases before we fly back, but actually our [...]

Is South Korea Still a Dog Meat Eating Country? thumbnail

Have you ever eaten dog meat? Richard and I have not! In Korea, the practice of eating dog meat still does exist. But how popular is it really? In our estimate, most Koreans prefer NOT to eat dog at this point. Korea has become modern very quickly, and even in the last five years living [...]

I’M NOT KOREAN!!! Can I Still Be a Kpop Star? thumbnail

So you want to become a Kpop Star? We hate to say it.. but good luck! We think you’d have just as good of a chance if not a better chance of becoming a pop star in your own home country. The list of qualities that you have to have are extensive. You need to [...]

Does South Korea Struggle with Suicide? thumbnail

Prior to moving to South Korea, suicide wasn’t something that I knew a lot about. Certainly I had known of people who did it; a friend of a friend’s father, a former classmate who decided that he couldn’t imagine life after high school. Personally, I’ve experienced my fair share of depression and many of the [...]

I’M COMPLETELY SHAVEN!! How will they react? thumbnail

Initially when we set out to talk about this, I didn’t feel awkward. But not that I’m sitting here writing this blog, not sure exactly why but I feel awkward. I mean think about it: this is NOT a blog I wish to be sharing with my father. Let’s just put it that way. The [...]

Driving in Korea VS. Driving in America thumbnail

Cars are EVERYWHERE in America. And, cars are pretty much everywhere in Korea too at this point. One thing we’re constantly confronted by being in the U.S. right now is car culture. As I write this, I am in Florida, possibly one of the most necessary areas in the country to own one. I’ve been [...]

Do Korean Women Have to Dress Feminine? thumbnail

We already made a video about men’s fashion in Korea and just how feminine Korean men are, but we had never made one about women, so naturally we had to answer this. What if women dressed in more masculine fashion? I really wanted to talk about this because in dramas for example, if a girl [...]

How Popular is Blind Dating in Korea? thumbnail

Blind dating is definitely a thing in Korea! We’ve heard of several variations of going on a date, and blind dating seems to be more or less just as popular. One of the main dating methods traditionally in Korea was the parental setup. It’s true, we’ve both heard plenty of times from friends and others [...]

Are Some Americans Disrespectful While In Korea? thumbnail

This question became more intense for us to answer as the video went on. We don’t often consider how different it might be from an American’s perspective living in Korea but apparently it’s quite possible. Our experience can be starkly distinct when you take having a military station in South Korea and protecting the country [...]

What’s It Like Having LOTS of Tattoos in Korea? thumbnail

I love tattoos!!! Even though I grew up with my mom telling me that they were bad and that I should never get one, I still think they’re really cool. I even respected her opinions. I didn’t get my first tattoo until well after she passed away. And then, when I showed it to my [...]

Divorce in Korean Dramas vs. Real Life in Korea thumbnail

In a couple of recent Korean Dramas, the storyline has the main characters getting a divorce and eventually getting back together. How close is this to actual reality in Korea? The actual data is kind of tricky, because actual divorce vs. people who separate like a divorce but don’t go through the official proceedings differs [...]

What Clothes Should I Bring for Summer in Korea? thumbnail

So you’re planning a trip to Korea this summer, but you’re not sure what to pack? DO NOT WORRY!!! WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! ☺ If it’s your first trip to Korea, or Asia, or even overseas, it can be a bit overwhelming. I know how you feel. That was me in 2008, and Richard a [...]

Is It Easy To Make Korean Friends in Korea? thumbnail

As soon as we saw this question, we knew we wanted to answer it. We filmed this video yesterday, and the question came in probably less than an hour before we were actually filming. THAT ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS!!!!! Usually we’ll mull different questions and topics over for several days before choosing one and filming. But [...]

What If I Have Big Boobs and Come to Korea? thumbnail

This week’s question is another one on body image, cuz I guess you guyz really want to know about that stuff! Frankly speaking, first thing’s first. Whoever you are, whatever your body shape is, learn to embrace your body! Enough with this fat shaming thin shaming business. I read just today about a new Korean [...]

On Race And Racism In South Korea – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

We’ve been getting the question about racism in Korea for a long time. Then, in last week’s video Richard mentioned that he thought Koreans are more concerned about race than they are about size when it comes to foreigners in Korea. This brought an onslaught of requests for us to talk about race and racism [...]

How Is Korean Society Towards Fat People? thumbnail

South Korea seems to be known for its slender, slim people. At least my father sure seemed to think so when he visited just a few weeks back. And I think to most casual observers this place is pretty much full of thin people. How accurate is this really? We’ve covered delicate issues before on [...]

Korean Ferry Boat Scholarship Fund for Siblings thumbnail

One of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make about a video was whether or not we were going to talk about the Korean Ferry Boat accident which occurred on April 16th, 2014. Some background first to what our own experience has been like here in Korea. The day before the accident, my father [...]

Do Korean Movie Theaters Have English Subtitles? thumbnail

Going to the movies for Koreans is like a national pastime for young people. Ask any random teenager or 20-something what they like to do in their spare time and they’ll most likely answer ‘go to the movies’. What is one of the most common places to go on a date? Surprise surprise: it’s the [...]

How Are Transgender and LGBT Treated in Korea? thumbnail

Neither of us are transgender, nor have we met anyone here who has openly admitted to us that they are. Also, for fairly obvious reasons, this is not a topic that’s so easy to talk about, especially if you’re talking about Korea. Reason being, there’s just not that much information out there on this subject. [...]

How Are Toilets and Public Bathrooms in Korea? thumbnail

I never thought we’d be making a LIKE IT on this subject, but when I was reading through my Tumblr messages the other day, I came across this question and thought ‘You know, maybe it’s time to talk about toilets in this country.’ Toilets are an important thing! And public bathroom situations are different everywhere [...]

How Much Is It To Visit Seoul, Korea For A Week? thumbnail

If you’ve ever been interested in traveling to visit Korea but haven’t yet bought the airplane ticket or reserved the hotel room, then you might want to check out this video! It’s not easy to travel overseas for some people us. The mystery of leaving what is comfortable, hopping on a plane, traveling what could [...]

Can You Find Tampons In Korea? – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

I can’t believe I made this video! This HAS TO BE the most girly video I’ve ever made since it’s talking about feminine hygiene products. But it was requested and we had never made anything even close to a video like this. And it’s funny too, because I just watched the video before writing this, [...]

How Important Is Hairstyle For Korean Men? thumbnail

I’ll never forget my first experience in a cell phone shop right after I had arrived to Korea. One of the guys started to help me but the rest of them weren’t occupied with any customers. They were all gathered in the back corner. I watched them all pull out their mirrors and begin to [...]

Lee Min Ho Post-It Notes GIVEAWAY!!! thumbnail

We are starting a new weekly series everyone! YAYYYYY for new video segments! In brainstorming ideas for new videos, Richard and I both decided that we are just surrounded by too many items in Korea not to share them with you. By now having both lived here over 5 years, so many products that we [...]

Can You See Kpop Stars/Celebrities in Korea? thumbnail

When I first came to Korea, I thought I was gonna see Gong Yoo on the streets! Or, that all Korean guys would look like Gong Yoo and all Korean girls would look like Yoon Eun Hye. That was a bit unrealistic! Fortunately and unfortunately, I’ve only been able to see Gong Yoo on advertisements. [...]

Nakedness And Saunas In Korea – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

The Jimjilbang (찜질방), the sauna, the bath house.. it's known by many names and chances are, if you've never grown up with them the whole experience may be a bit intimidating.  After moving to Korea, it took me years to work up the courage to go into one, despite having friends rant and rave about [...]

Are Korean Men Good Kissers? – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

Kissing is an activity like any other: the more you practice the better you become at it, right? That’s what I like to think anyways. ☺ When we first got this question, I thought how am I ever possibly going to answer this one. Because frankly: I’ve never kissed a Korean guy! And, most girls [...]

Should You Move To Another Country? thumbnail

Hey everyone!! Richard here. While taking a walk to Suwon Station to do some small shopping I addressed a set of questions and comments we get A LOT! What are the qualifications to an English teaching job in Korea? What are other jobs besides English teaching that are available in South Korea? What is it [...]

Are Foreign Women Safe In Korea? – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

This was a controversial one to answer, although I think that we can answer it fairly well. Both of us have lived in multiple countries and have traveled even more, so we do have experience in other places to compare this place to. My instinctive response to the questions: ‘Is it safe in Korea?’ is [...]

Teen Pregnancy In South Korea – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

If you live here in Korea or come to visit, it’s just not very common to see young pregnant women, especially if they are in high school. Why is this? There are a number of reasons we think might contribute to such low pregnancy rates amongst teenage girls here. This is a topic that is [...]

Eating Disorders And Thinness In Korea – LIKE IT thumbnail

I didn’t want to do this ‘LIKE IT’. In fact, I really didn’t want to do this LIKE IT because it’s such a controversial topic that affects so many people. But because of that, I knew that we had to cover it. I feel in some ways that my job as a woman, as a [...]

Are Korean Men Too Feminine? – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

Are men in Korea overly feminine? First and foremost I gotta say I think we are doing a great disservice to men when we say they are dressing feminine.. though I like the question. Traditionally we come from cultures where the roles of men and women were extremely different. Girls wore dresses all the time [...]

Romantic Korean Holidays – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

Romance in Korea rings about as positive and heart-thumpingly true as anywhere on the planet! Koreans have some of the most unique and fun holidays any place you check! One day each month out of the year a day is dedicated to a couple’s romance. Okay.. so what if they are manufactured. They still are [...]

Celebrating The Holidays In Korea – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

We love the holiday season! This is the time of year that, no matter where we are we make sure we take time out to relax, enjoy each other’s company and thank our lucky stars for all that we have in life. It’s true. We really are fortunate when it comes to the lives we [...]

Random Acts Of Kindness in Korea – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

I really liked today’s topic. So often Richard and I get the feeling that this world is a place full of dark and evil things. And, to be 100% honest, it is. But it is also filled with wonderfully awesome people like Taylor Loves Squirrels who want to know about random acts of kindness and [...]

Korean Dramas vs. Real Life in Korea “LIKE IT” thumbnail

For this week’s LIKE IT we answer a question I’m sure some of you are dying to know: Are Korean dramas anything at all like real life in Korea? Since this was the type of question that we could get creative with, we decided to shoot some short skits to help illustrate specifically what we [...]

Women’s Role in Korean Society – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

This topic is obviously one that I consider on a daily basis being a woman living in Korea. When I first came to Korea to live back I 2009, I realized right away what a commodity I was as a blonde, white women working in the Korean education industry because that’s the ideal. The private [...]

Having A Baby In Korea – LIKE IT thumbnail

Don’t let the title fool you! WE ARE NOT PREGNANT!!! We decided to discuss this topic with each other while the camera was rolling because we get asked this question often. Actually A LOT. It’s not just fans that ask, but family and friends as well. We were home this summer and got asked this [...]

University Life for International Students in Korea thumbnail

For many, becoming an international university student in Korea is an exciting venture!! Every year it seems more and more international students are choosing to attend Korean universities. More and more people from around the world are beginning to consider a Korean university for their post high school education.. and why not? At least from [...]

How We Met In Korea – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

We did it! It’s in the books!! We finally broke down and did the ‘How We Met’ video. ^^ We have been avoiding this topic mainly because we think it’s less interesting to talk about ourselves instead of talking about Korea. But, now that it’s said and done it seems to have been less painful [...]

Religion in South Korea – LIKE IT thumbnail

We tackle one of our toughest subjects yet for this week’s LIKE IT! We are NOT trying to shy away from difficult subjects when people make requests. So, when we received this question we knew it would have to be one that we faced head on. However, speaking about religion can sometimes be difficult and [...]

Drinking Culture in Korea – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

What traditional liquor do you know that smells like rubbing alcohol, can be used to clean a table, is as cheap as water, comes in a lovely green bottle, is drunk in copious amounts and is the world’s best selling liquor? SOJU!! Korea has historically always been a rice producing country, so naturally like they [...]

Questions We Always Get Asked in Korea – “LIKE IT” thumbnail

Have you ever been asked the same questions over and over again? After a week off so we could travel to Busan (we know you were wondering what happened), LIKE IT is back and man do we have a topic in store for you! ^^ Foreigners in Korea get asked a lot of questions. A [...]

Pros and Cons Living in Korea – LIKE IT thumbnail

As we all know, there are pros and cons to everything in this world. So, when we saw this question posed amongst the YouTube comments, we knew it would be a fun one to tackle. Richard and I both agree that there are definitely more pros to living in Korea than cons. We named a [...]

What Koreans Do For Dating & PDA in Korea – LIKE IT thumbnail

Dating is just as fun in exciting for you people in Korea as it is anywhere! Twenty-somethings looking for love in South Korea turn to the dating world like most people their age all over the world. Although tradition still tends to play a part, discovering love (or at the very least attempting to) is [...]